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I don't want an overweight life and neither do you!

But the good news is you don't have to!

Helping You To Build A Focused Mindset & Strong Motivation To Manage Your Weight

I used hypnosis for weight loss myself and the results were incredible as it helped me shed 4 stone in weight.

You may have questions around the topic of weight loss hypnosis and so if you are interested I encourage you to contact me direct.

Remember in addition to using weight loss hypnosis you will still require weight loss motivation support which is included in my programme.

Do You Want To Lose Weight And Feel The Glam Again?
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Are You Looking To Relive That Life Of Slim?
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My Goal Is To Help Your Body
Be What Your Clothes Desire

Supporting Dee to lose weight by using Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis was an honour. In total Dee has lost an incredible 20 stone in weight.


Your New Slim Life is just a few moments away

You probably know that there is nothing that matters more to me
than helping women look and feel their fabulous FAT FREE selves again.

Over the last 10 years my success in helping women wave good-bye to a life of fat and say hello to a life of slim, has been featured widely by the media. I had my own TV series ‘Fat Families’ on Sky 1 and Sky Living and I was a regular on itv as the Weight Loss expert being featured by Loose Women and This Morning.

My straight talking, supportive, and motivational style has also been featured by Cosmopolitan magazine, the Daily Express as well as Sun Woman and the Daily Mail. I am a qualified Weight Loss Coach and Mind Programming expert and have trained in clinical hypnosis and coaching which I use to help women achieve their weight loss result.