About Steve Miller - Your Weight Loss Hypnosis Master

I used weight loss hypnosis to shed 4 stone and remains part of the weight loss plan I use for my weight loss clients.

Hypnotherapy weight loss is now one of the leading edge treatments, helping those who struggle to lose weight.

Weight loss hypnosis is becoming high on the agenda for many and I am delighted to be one its leading pioneers.

Steve set up his Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Birmingham practice in 2002 and has been successful in helping thousands of people. In 2008 he signed his first book publishing deal and is now respected across the UK for his ability to get results.

He later went on to sign two more book deals before becoming the host of TV hit show Fat Families. The show was so successful that it can now be seen in 12 other countries. Working with clients he specialises in anxiety, panic attacks, weight loss and confidence building. Having personal experience of being overweight, lacking confidence and panic attacks Steve has a natural empathy and energy for supporting his clients with these issues.

Steve continues to be featured by the national newspapers including Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Daily Record, The Sun, Daily Mirror as well as a wide range of high street consumer magazines such as GQ, Zest, Closer, Cosmopolitan and Grazia.

Steve was a Distinction graduate of the London College of Hypnosis and is now a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

He set up the Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists and is former specialist weight loss advisor to the National Council Of Hypnotherapy.



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