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It’s fair to say that weight loss hypnosis has become a number 1 choice from those seeking support to get their mind in the right place to lose and manage their weight. Let’s face it, Weight Loss is now much more a battle of the mind as opposed to knowing what foods should and shouldn’t be eaten. So much health education has been delivered, but still we live in a world where obesity figures are getting worse by the day.

You may have already tried weight loss hypnosis and you may or may not have got results from it. But if not, and you want to give it another go, there are a number of salient points I recommend you consider.


With an unregulated market place, I recommend you look around carefully when searching for a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist. Quite frankly anyone can claim to be one. It’s no wonder the market for Weight Loss Hypnotherapists is saturated. So in this blog I explain what to look for before you sign up.


1. Make sure that you ask a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist for evidence of their competence. Perhaps even request to speak to one of their former clients. This will give you more confidence that the weight loss hypnosis will work. Nothing gives you peace of mind like evidence of results.

2. Request weight loss motivational coaching as well as sessions of weight loss hypnosis. Whilst the hypnosis will help, you really need to receive coaching too. Personally I don’t think Weight Loss Hypnosis alone works. Combine weight loss hypnosis with motivational coaching and there is much more likelihood of a positive outcome.

3. Request a free consultation. You need to feel the chemistry is right between you and the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist and understand how the process will work. There are so many benefits of weight loss hypnosis and understanding how it all works before you begin will again give you confidence and motivation to move forward.

4. Be sure the time is right. Remember, Weight Loss Hypnosis is not a magic pill. You need to be certain that your attitude is positive because the Hypnotherapist can’t do all the work. You will need to be motivated and make the effort to implement behaviour changes.

5. Check out what support you’ll receive between the sessions. You want to be certain that there are tools you can use such as MP3 audios in between sessions. I certainly ask all my clients to listen to them. These audios will help to reinforce the suggestions that have been embedded into your mind at the formal weight loss hypnosis sessions.

6. As Director Of The Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists I recommend you check out that website as a number of Registered Hypnotherapists are listed within its directory. However, again be sure to check the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist out.

7. Look at the Weight Loss Hypnotherapists social media platforms. See what content is posted. Does it look as though they know what they are doing? Do they post content rich substance? Perhaps ask them a question, get to know them, and if confident book in.

Doing your checks before you book in with a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist is strongly advised. Doing so will help to ensure you choose a skilled Weight Loss Hypnotherapist and are in a position to be confident about the weight loss hypnosis experience ahead.

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