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Firstly you may be wondering about the difference between Weight Loss Hypnosis and Weight Loss Hypnotherapy.

Definitions really do vary, and as someone that likes to keep things simple I will offer you the following explanation.

Weight Loss Hypnosis is a state someone experiences when they are in an altered state of conscious alertness. A kind of focused concentration.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is the application of that state for a therapeutic outcome, in this case, helping someone to lose and manage their weight.


I am also often asked about the difference between a Standard Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme and an Advanced Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme.

To me, and of course this is just my opinion, it is all about the extra additions you will receive as a client. Advanced Weight Loss Hypnotherapy will often include:-

1. Skilled professional delivery of the Weight Loss Hypnosis itself. For example this may include the tone, the volume, and the drama involved in the delivery of the Weight Loss Hypnosis. It should be hugely motivational.

2. It is also the support offered between sessions to you the client. Advanced Weight Loss Hypnotherapy I believe will include for example SOS text support.

3. The Advanced Weight Loss Hypnotherapy process may also include motivational coaching to help you manage portions, control cravings, and I use an 80-20 Meal Planning System which means that you learn to eat healthily 80% of the time and enjoy a little of what you fancy for the remaining 20%.

An Advanced Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Practitioner will also teach you how to use self hypnosis. I prefer to called it S.I.M (Self Induced Mindset – Programming). This tool enables you to focus and motivate your mind to lose weight in your own time.


On its own, in my opinion, the answer is no. Experience has taught me that Weight Loss Hypnosis is a tool that will certainly help, but Behavioural Coaching is also required to help you build a new routine, enabling you to eat less, eat better and move more.

That is why I developed FATnosis, a programme that incorporates mind programming, motivational coaching and 80-20 meal planning. The results have been superb to date and it’s also a lot of fun. Let’s face it, Weight Loss is all too often perceived as a doom and gloom experience.

As Director Of the Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists, the UK’s Premier Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Association, I am clear in my view that Hypnotherapists should offer more than just straightforward Weight Loss Hypnosis sessions.


Your sessions normally last around an hour, however some Hypnotherapists will possibly offer two 30 minute sessions per week, which in my experience is often more effective. Sessions should be hugely motivational and at the end of the session you should feel recharged and programmed to eat less, eat better and move more.

But do be aware that you need to come to sessions committed and positive. Weight Loss Hypnosis is not a magic wand. It will help hugely but you also need to take action and work in partnership with your Weight Loss Hypnotherapist. The horse can be taken to the water but it cannot be made to drink.

One final thought. When searching for a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist, always request a 15 minute free consultation to help you decide if they are the right person for you. Remember, it is all teamwork.

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