The Benefits of Self Hypnosis

Despite the fact that hypnosis has become a really valid and proven technique to combat a wide variety of issues from insomnia to agoraphobia, smoking cessation to slimming, many people are still uncertain about the positive benefits of the technique when it comes to enhancing their lives, addressing problems and bringing the benefits of relaxation, calmness and confidence.

Some people are still convinced that hypnosis involves swinging a large pendulum and chanting to send them in to a trance, and so this can make them reluctant to choose it as a positive treatment for all manner of issues.

I come across this stereotype a lot in my day to day work with clients, and one of the biggest areas of confusion around what I do seems to concern the idea of self hypnosis.

Many people say to me, “Steve, how can I hypnotise myself?

If I am making myself sleepy, how can self hypnosis bring me any benefit?

What if I end up in a trance and can’t wake up?”

I really understand the confusion that the idea of self hypnosis can cause, so I thought I’d tell you a little more about what it really is, and how it works.

Why we are all experts at Self Hypnosis

In our everyday lives, we actually practice various forms of self hypnosis without even realising it.

When we drift off to sleep, for example, and deliberately relax one part of our body after another to get to that lovely relaxed state which aids drifting in to sleep, we are in fact practicing a form of self hypnosis.

Similarly, when we hold a young child and rock them, matching our breathing to theirs to gradually calm them and help them drift off, we’re doing a form of self hypnosis there, too.

Even humming to ourselves, daydreaming, soaking in a hot bath or napping can all contain elements of the process used to achieve a hypnotic state.

Learning the art of absolute relaxation

Essentially, hypnosis is all about accessing that fantastic state of absolute relaxation, where our bodies become completely tension-free and take a secondary position to our thoughts and emotions.

Once we learn to remove the tension and stress which we all naturally carry around with us on a physical basis every day, we’re able to reach a state of relaxation that opens up our unconscious mind and makes us very receptive to positive suggestions.

With self hypnosis, your hypnosis coach will work with you to introduce you to the basics of hypnotherapy, and then provide you with all of the tools, tips and techniques you need to re-create that fantastic feeling of relaxation in your own home.

Rather than relying on your hypnosis coach to work with you for an indefinite number of sessions, instead you will be taught how to get the ongoing benefits of hypnosis without the associated cost of numerous sessions with your practitioner.

Self hypnosis can be used for any number of benefits including aiding weight loss, promoting confidence, combating insomnia, dealing with anxiety and addressing phobias.

By being your own self hypnosis coach, you’ll be able to access all of the benefits of the process in your own time, in your own environment, at a pace and duration that completely meets your needs and fits in with your schedule.

A long-term, safe solution for positive change

Learning the art of self hypnosis for your personal use is a really positive long-term solution for self empowerment, letting you take control of your situation and use powerful techniques to achieve ongoing success in combating issues.

The best hypnosis coaches understand that sharing the tools to access the benefits of hypnosis whenever you need it leads to a sustained improvement which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Whether you use a CD, relaxation track, tension release or any other process to access the hypnotic state, your coach will be able to equip you with everything you need to achieve ongoing, long-lasting benefits.

What’s your view on Self Hypnosis?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


  • I have just learned self hypnosis, and finding it really useful,. So good to be able to put myself into a self induced trance, safely. And to feel that wonderful sense of relaxation that hypnosis brings.

  • That’s a great benefits that can result of self hypnosis the enhancing of lives, addressing problems and bringing the benefits of relaxation, calmness and confidence. That is what I want in my life. That’s awesome. Sooner of later I will get hypnosis for me. Thanks for the blog.

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