What Is Social Phobia?

What is social phobia? Around 15 years ago whilst working as a senior executive in business, I too suffered from social phobia which eventually triggered panic attacks. Social phobia is a fear of behaving in an embarrassing way whilst you talk or meet other people. This can lead to a number of psychological and physiological…

Esteem Building

Self esteem can be defined as an individual’s overall evaluation of their worth. There is no doubt that self esteem affects all aspects of life from the career goals we achieve to the relationships we are able to form, and for thousands of people it can be the block from achieving numerous goals in life….

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety Reduction

Overview It is reported that at any one time one in six people is suffering from anxiety. The pressures of modern day living combined with specific stresses of both our professional and personal lives can often result in high levels of anxiety. Some of the main categories of anxiety include:- Social anxiety – feelings of…

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