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Esteem Building

Self esteem can be defined as an individual’s overall evaluation of their worth. There is no doubt that self esteem affects all aspects of life from the career goals we achieve to the relationships we are able to form, and for thousands of people it can be the block from achieving numerous goals in life….

Hypnotherapy For Business Executives

Overview Over the last few years I have supported hundreds of business executives from CEO to senior business leaders increase their personal impact and performance in business. More and more are turning to the fast and effective application of hypnotherapy as the pressures and pace of work increase. Typically this has included supporting executives in…

Media SuperConference For Hypnotherapists: The Art Of Being Noticed

Steve will be hosting the Media SuperConference for all those Hypnotherapists looking to increase their client base. The Masterclass is aimed at helping hypnotherapists get their work and comments featured in the media. This is one of the best strategies for increasing the client list. Full details can be found by clicking this link:-

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