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Helping You To Build A Focused Mindset & Strong Motivation To Manage Your Weight.

I used hypnosis for weight loss myself and the results were incredible as it helped me shed 4 stone in weight.

You may have questions around the topic of weight loss hypnosis and so if you are interested I encourage you to contact me direct.

Remember in addition to using weight loss hypnosis you will still require weight loss motivation support which is included in my programme.

Steve appointed National Hypnotherapy Advisor

[resized_image width=”620″ height=”198″ image=””]   We are delighted to confirm that Steve has been appointed specialist Advisor to the National Council of Hypnotherapists for Weight loss and Confidence. This will include Steve advising on the applications of clinical hypnotherapy to support peoples weight control and increasing individuals confidence through managing anxiety and increasing self belief….

Christmas Survival Guide

[resized_image image=”” link=””]   If you are concerned about piling on the Lbs over Christmas don’t be! Here I offer a number of practical strategies to help you and others maintain control of your weight so that not an ounce need be gained. As you look at my strategies select the ones that work best…

New Book – Steve Millers Slimming Secrets

[resized_image image=”” link=””]   Steve’s next book is now written and will be in the shops from January 3rd 2012. The book is titled Steve Millers Slimming Secrets. The content of the new book will include mind programming techniques, how to use self hypnosis, meal planning using Steve’s 80-20 rule as well as motivational advice…

Fat Families Keri Turner loses 12 stone!

[resized_image image=”” alt=”Keri Turner”] For fans of Fat Families we can report that Keri Turner from Wales has now lost an incredible 12 stone. Keri explains that good planning, banning excuses, and motivation have been responsible for such an inspiring result.

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