A Day In The Life Of A Clinical Hypnotherapist

I’m often asked what it’s like to be a clinical hypnotherapist, and whether I enjoy my job.

The answer is a resounding “Yes”!

Supporting People As A Clinical Hypnotherapist

I love being able to support people to achieve their goals, and work with my clients to help them reach their true potential, without being held back by issues such as obesity, anxiety or low confidence. Many of my clients understand what I do on a day to day basis, but I thought I’d give you some insight in to what life is like as a clinical hypnotherapist, and how I spend an average working day.

A typical day at work for me starts at around eight in the morning, when I arrive at my clinic. I’ll check my diary to see what appointments I have scheduled, and then get down to work. I may start off with a consultation, where I meet a client for the first time. These appointments are really important, as they give me insight in to the individual and what their specific needs might be, but also give the client the opportunity to get to know me a little bit, and make sure that I am the right person to support them.

Dealing With Specific Phobias

The consultation usually involves getting a thorough health background from the client, before we start to discuss the issue which they would like assistance with. These can range from anything to weight loss, increased confidence or anxiety right through to more specific issues such as someone wanting to stop biting their nails or deal with a specific phobia. There is no way of knowing what a client will ask for support with, so it’s interesting to find out a little more about them through the consultation process.

From there, we’ll usually work together to agree a plan of action, and then schedule in some further appointments for hypnosis sessions. Many issues can be resolved through just one session, while more complex scenarios may take a few weeks before I can make a real difference.

Other appointments through the day may be clients I have worked with for a while, that I know really well, and we’ll spend some time just catching up before we start the hypnotherapy. The key to hypnosis is staying really relaxed and calm, and encouraging the client to feel the same way. Sometimes while I am doing the therapy I feel so relaxed I don’t want the session to end!

I may be working with a person who has issues with panic attacks, for example, and I know  that the time spent under hypnosis can provide them with a real opportunity to unwind and relax, so I let them take time to enjoy the great calming benefits of hypnosis before moving on to my next client.

With a break for lunch and often back to back appointments, I rarely get time out during the day. However, if I do find myself with some spare time, I’ll catch up on some of the latest research in the industry, perhaps reading a new publication or visiting some of the clinical resources online that are available for therapists.

I Need Therapy As Well!

Sometimes I will meet with my own therapist, so I can talk through any issues or concerns I may have. All therapists tend to have their own professional support, as it helps us to deal with any worries or concerns we may have as a result of helping people through their problems. For example, I may have helped a client through a really emotional time, and unless I can talk through my feelings and share the emotional burden with a therapist, I may feel too involved in the client’s situation to offer truly unbiased and professional assistance.

The day draws to a close with me filing my notes, tidying up my clinic and preparing it for the following morning. It’s important to make sure that the environment I use for hypnotherapy is clean, warm and welcoming, to make it as relaxing as possible for my clients. When all this is done, I check through my list of appointments for the following day, see if I need to do any preparation for a particular client, and then go home!

My job may not be all that glamorous in comparison with many others, but there’s nothing quite like the sense of satisfaction that comes from helping people to resolve challenges, and seeing them grow and develop in to all that they can be.

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