Confident Public Speaking

Glossophobia is the clinical name for public speaking phobia which affects millions of people across the nation. Are you one of those people who are fine when it comes to planning the presentation or speech but when the time comes to present it, a wave of anxiety floods through your mind and body? The good news is you are not alone. Recent surveys indicate that the majority of the UK public fear public speaking more than death! One survey revealed that in the business world the overwhelming majority of business executives fear presentations with up to 82% reporting anxiety related symptoms.

What triggers the anxiety?

Often it is unconscious deep rooted beliefs that are either directly or indirectly related to public speaking that are the trigger points. This results in the presenter experiencing a number of symptoms from a shaky voice, trembling muscles, increased perspiration, and blushing to name a few.

How does combined hypnosis and coaching Work?

Your programme will combine clinical hypnosis which helps to re-programme and embed core beliefs aligned to delivering a presentation with confidence and feelings of relaxation. This is done by using a combination of clinical hypnosis and NLP tools. In addition you will receive coaching to further increase self confidence with the delivery itself.

What types of people consult you for this condition?

The range of clients is vast. Anyone from directors, sales executives, managers, actors, event vets! In short anyone that requires support to develop their confident pubic speaking skills.
All sessions are strictly confidential.

How many sessions are required?

Clients normally attend 3 sessions.

How do I book my sessions?

If you have any questions you can email or you can book your 3 session programme here.

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