Esteem Building

Self esteem can be defined as an individual’s overall evaluation of their worth. There is no doubt that self esteem affects all aspects of life from the career goals we achieve to the relationships we are able to form, and for thousands of people it can be the block from achieving numerous goals in life.

Clinical Hypnosis and Self Esteem

Clinical Hypnosis is a fast and effective tool that develops a stronger and more positive belief set for an individual. Hypnotherapy dissociates negative self beliefs and replaces them with ones that are more empowering and aligned to boosting self confidence.

The tools used will depend upon the client’s circumstances but will often include:
•    Dissociation techniques designed to free the mind from negative beliefs
•    Visualisation techniques to help begin painting a more positive self concept
•    Direct suggestions that embed positive belief sets and increase self esteem

The whole process is both relaxing and safe, and clients often report feeling free from anxiety after a session of clinical hypnosis.

Coaching Combined With Hypnosis

When working with clients I combine coaching with the clinical hypnosis. Clients are set practical tasks to complete between sessions which are directly related to building self esteem.

The Session Structure

Clients normally attend 3 sessions. The first session will last around 75 minutes with the others lasting around 1 hour. During sessions clients receive relaxing hypnotherapy as well as coaching aligned to building self esteem and confidence.

All sessions are strictly confidential.

How I book my sessions?

If you have any questions you can email in the strictest confidence or you can book your 3 session programme here.

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