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It’s not the food! You may have seen or heard me exclaim this on TV or radio. Yes, it’s all in the mind. You see, the mind really does control the actions we take around food. The mind also controls our emotional response around food. It’s why Weight Loss Hypnosis can really help you lose and manage your weight into the future. Program your mind and you will program what goes into your mouth.


What on Earth is weight loss hypnosis you may ask? Well quite simply, it is an altered state of focused concentration. Oddly I do not use relaxation when using advanced models of weight loss hypnosis. I prefer to use a motivational tone. I like you to be sitting up tall and feeling like a winner, already in control of food and alcohol. Relaxation I believe only makes you feel lethargic, and for weight loss you need to feel motivated, refreshed and confident that you have regained the control over food.

Now for the exciting bit. What will you experience during weight loss hypnosis? A good (and I mean really good), Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will ensure you experience as many of these sensational experiences as possible.

1. An immediate state of elevated motivation.

2. A feeling of renewed confidence that at last you will lose and manage your weight.

3. A strengthening of your mind to regain control over your choice of food and how much you eat.

4. A strategy to help you control emotional eating.

5. An excitement and aspirational feeling to move forward positively.

6. Emotional resilience.

7. A sense of supreme self esteem.

8. The motivation to move your body more.

9. An aversion to being too fat.

10. A stronger mindset ability to refuse food and drink when not needed.

11. Positive acceptance that wearing the clothes of your dreams can be done.

12. Confidence to manage cravings effectively.

13. Ability to work through fake hunger.

14. Confidence to make lifestyle changes aligned to your weight loss.

15. A much strengthened will power.


‘WHAT?!’ Yes, I heard you yell that. Well, twenty years of experience has taught me that weight loss hypnosis alone does not work. Well, it might, but it’s rare. The reason for this is that you will also need motivational coaching to help create a new lifestyle routine. Don’t get me wrong, if the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist is good (again, I mean really good), it may be exceptionally effective, however experience tells me that behaviour coaching using a motivational style is also needed. That’s why I founded and pioneer FATnosis, a model that incorporates:-

1. Mind programming.

2. Motivational coaching, of the straight talking motivational variety.

3. The 80-20 meal planning routine.


As you know, I am delighted to have supported thousands of people over the years to lose and manage their weight. As I look back on those success stories, I can also recommend that there are a number of things you can do right now to start hypnotising your own mind to lose weight.

Firstly, implement an 80-20 Meal Planning routine. In other words, reflect on what you have been eating and make simple changes so that you eat healthily 80% of the time and enjoy a little of what you fancy for the remaining 20% of the time.

Secondly, place bright, bold and strong warning signs in places where you need to be focused. For example the fridge, the cupboards in the kitchen, the car and on your desk at work.

Thirdly, as soon as you get up in the morning, mentally experience an aversion to being too fat. Focus on that for just a few seconds before taking your mind into experiencing a positive, strong and aspirational experience of being slim.


One of the biggest benefits of weight loss hypnosis is that it can change your perception of weight loss from one that is ‘hard work’ to one that is exciting, positive and even enjoyable. This really is a big benefit of weight loss hypnosis. Why? Because our behaviours are determined by our perceptions of what is ahead of us. You may have, in the past, experienced the dread and pain of weight loss. Weight loss hypnosis can certainly help ease that pain.

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