Would You Benefit From A Thorough Tailored Supportive 1-1 Programme?


Do you want a tailored programme to your specific individual needs?
If so, then this is the programme for you.

Your 3 (+1 week BONUS follow up) 1-1 FATnosis Programme With Steve Miller

You will work with me over 3 weeks plus an additional week where you will receive email support, to support your specific needs to achieve the following:

  • Build new habits via 1-1 coaching so that you eat less, eat better and rate yourself more.

  • Increase and embed your sustained motivation and willpower via your 1-1 Hypnotherapy so that you immediately start losing weight and manage it in the future.

  • A confidence boost to help ensure your mind is focused on the result you want.

How We Will Work Together

First we agree specifically what your needs are.

You will receive comprehensive support designed to help change your habits, build your motivation, and drive the transformation you want.

Specifically, we will:

1. Meet once a week 1-1 either in person or via Zoom / Skype. Here you will receive motivational coaching and tailored hypnotherapy.

2. You will receive access to all my online products so that you will be able to use them in between sessions and into the future.

3. You will also receive my Self Hypnosis Toolkit to help you use Self Hypnosis in the future.

4. You will also receive a bonus week of email support to help ensure you implement all the positive actions we have agreed.

As Your Weight Loss Master I will champion your motivation and transformation, so that you can make changes immediately and maintain them into the future.

Your Hypnotherapist And Coach: Steve Miller

  • Distinction Graduate of the former London College of Clinical Hypnosis

  • Founder of FATnosis

  • Former Director of the Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists

  • Director of the Hypnotherapy Business School

  • Recognised for Health Innovation by the supplement distributed by the Sunday Telegraph

  • Renowned for results





  • Once a booking is confirmed purchasers are required to email hello@yourweightlossmaster.co.uk to arrange a mutually convenient date and time to begin the programme and where relevant, to confirm your skype ID or your Zoom details.
  • You agree that FATnosis and Steve Miller do not accept responsibility for the amount of weight lost and maintained.
  • You understand that sessions are strictly for those who are not currently suffering from or have suffered significant mental illness and / or are under the supervision of a health professional for any condition related to food and diet.
  • Your statutory rights are protected in all transactions.
  • Purchasers agree that once a session is booked with date and time agreed, the programme is non-refundable.
  • Purchasers agree to ensure their environment is safe from hazards and interruption whilst the 1-1 session takes place.
  • Purchasers agree to take full responsibility for their technology and connection during the 1-1 sessions and agree that any time wasted during the session due to technological breakdown is their full responsibility and is included in the 1-hour session.
  • Purchasers agree to visit their GP or Health Practitioner in the event of experiencing any dietary and health concerns.