Do You Want To Kick Off Your Year With
Added Motivation & Inspiration?


Would You Like To Join Like Minded People
Who Want To Manage Their Weight In 2018?


How Would You Like To Receive Brand New
Fresh FATnosis Insights Never Shared before?



The 5 Big Time Benefits:-

  1. Receive the tools to massively increase your sustained will power to manage your weight in 2018.
  2. Learn how to manage emotional eating, depressive emotions and turn them into something much more inspiring.
  3. Take a journey into the Law Of Attraction and leave with a protocol that helps you to attract what you want in your life.
  4. Use one woman’s weight loss plan that helped her lose 10 stone.
  5. Take away a brand new FATnosis meal planning regime, and tools to rescue your weight loss when times get tough.

Meet The Speakers

Steve Miller

Steve Miller is the founder and pioneer of FATnosis. He is regularly featured by the media for his straight talking approach to weight loss and results. He is also a renowned TV presenter and has appeared on TV as a weight loss expert and Hypnotherapist. Some of his recent appearances included This Morning and Loose Women on ITV and The Doctors in the USA. He has also appeared on Sunrise in Australia and his TV show Fat Families was sold to twelve countries around the globe.

Renowned for his straight talking approach to weight loss Steve has been acknowledged by many as the Number 1 Straight Talking Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss Hypnotherapist. In addition to his online and live Weight Loss Masterclass he also has a Licensed Programme for those looking for formal accreditation.


Laura Shewfelt

Laura Shewfelt is a renowned FATnosis accredited Practitioner and has supported clients lose weight for a number of years. Supportive and straight talking in balance she also runs a highly successful FATnosis Academy in St Albans.

Laura is also the founder of the Law Of Attraction Coaching Academy and has worked with clients helping them to attract wealth, new relationships and achieve life changing goals. She will be sharing how you can use the Law Of Attraction to help bring what you want into your life.

Dr. Sue Peacock

Sue Peacock is a Consultant Health Psychologist and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. With a PhD in Pain Psychology Sue is also an Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society. As an Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register Sue is also a member of the Executive Advisory Board at the Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists. Her recent book ‘Sleeping With Pain’ soon become recognised as a leading authority and she now runs workshops for both health care professionals and the public. Sue is currently working with Steve Miller, Director of FATnosis, on a new ground breaking product ‘HypnoAntiDepressant’ which will be available in early 2018, and is designed to help people move forward out of depressed states so that they can live their lives healthily. Sue will be delivering a session at the FATnosis event designed to help attendees reframe negative depressive feelings so that they are able to be in the right emotional mind to move forward and manage their weight successfully.

Chrissy Stone

Chrissy Stone is one remarkable lady. Following a devastating accident she had to leave her job as a nurse, and sadly due to a disability resulting from the accident found exercise a real struggle. In fact because of the accident Chrissy had to use a wheelchair, and as a result of this devastating life change, began to fall into a depressed state. Food became Chrissy’s best friend and before long she was piling on the weight. Chrissy met Steve Miller online a couple of years ago and she has worked closely with him to help lose an incredible 10 stone. Chrissy will be sharing a heart moving account of the before, during and after her weight loss. She wants to share the tools that worked not only to help her lose weight, but also keep the weight off to help others do the same.


10.00am       Arrival And Refreshments

10.30am       Welcome From Steve Miller, Founder And Director Of FATnosis

10.45am       Making 2018 Your Weight Management Year

– The Magnificent 7 Tools To Use To Keep Your Will Power Strong

– Your very Own Tailored Action Plan To Help You Stay Strong

– The All New FATnosis Meal Planning Regime

12 Noon       ‘To Hell & Back – My 10 Stone Weight Loss’ With Chrissy Stone

12.30pm       Lunch

1.30pm         Lifting Your Spirits Through The Roof! Steering Clear Of Depressed Feelings & Squashing Stress Eating.

Dr. Sue Peacock, Health Psychologist & Joint Founder Of HypnoAntiDepressant.

2.00pm         How To Get What You Want In Life Using The Law Of Attraction

Laura Shewfelt, FATnosis Practitioner & Law Of Attraction Coach                

3.00pm         Tea Break

3.15pm         FATnosis Live With Steve Miller And His Panel Of Experts

4.30pm         Finish

DATE: Saturday 13th January 2018

VENUE: etc Venues, Maple House, 150 Corporation Street, Birmingham. B4 6TB

Normal Price: £250.00

Super Early Bird (Only 20 Tickets) £49

Price Increases Wednesday 15th November at 8pm


Terms & Conditions

  1. The workshop will start prompt at 10.30am.
  2. All places booked are non refundable.
  3. Filming or recording of this workshop is not permitted.
  4. Venue in west midlands is subject to change.
  5. We have permission to refuse attendance.
  6. Handouts will be given to all participants.
  7. In the event of inclement weather delegates will receive content online via a secret Facebook group
  8. Speakers are subject to change