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Do you want access to an exclusive academy that
delivers monthly tools to help you lose weight?

Are you looking for a regular opportunity to
program your mind to stay on track?

Do you know what to eat but want ongoing
support to live life 80-20?

PLUS……Do You Prefer An Intelligent
Straight Talking Support Free from Seal
Clapping Church halls?

fatnosis tracey

‘Tracey used my techniques to eventually lose weight, turn her life around in many ways’

The Big Time Benefits Of FATnosis Exclusive

Receive monthly mind programming tools to help you control food.

Use sample 80-20 meal plans to help you adopt the 80-20 way of living.

Take advantage of creative motivation tools to help ensure you remain on track long term.

Have regular opportunity to receive 1-1 support via our FATnosis Exclusive online clinics.

Receive access to regular video support covering the full range of Mindset and Motivational support.

fatnosis audrey

‘Audrey is now a different person. More confident, more healthy, more fulfilled’


What You Will Receive Each Month

Monthly video / Facebook Live Support

80-20 Meal Planning Samples

Motivational Tools

FATnosis Exclusive Clinics

Confidence & Self-Esteem Coaching

Straight Talking Pep Talks

Strategies To Control Eating Habits

Techniques To Kick Emotional Eating


Members Will Also Receive FREE The Full 6 Week Online Mindset & Motivation Weight Loss Programme Valued At £397

mindset motivation weight loss solution
fatnosis nona

‘I was delighted to support Nona who went on to lose around 6 stone’

FATnosis Exclusive Director

Steve set up his Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Birmingham practice in 2002 and has been successful in helping thousands of people. In 2008 he signed his first book publishing deal and is now respected across the UK for his ability to get results.

He later went on to sign two more book deals before becoming the host of TV hit show Fat Families. The show was so successful that it can now be seen in 12 other countries. Working with clients he specialises in anxiety, panic attacks, weight loss and confidence building. Having personal experience of being overweight, lacking confidence and panic attacks Steve has a natural empathy and energy for supporting his clients with these issues.

Steve continues to be featured by the national newspapers including Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Daily Record, The Sun, Daily Mirror as well as a wide range of high street consumer magazines such as GQ, Zest, Closer, Cosmopolitan and Grazia.

Steve is a Distinction Graduate of the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and is registered with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. In addition he is qualified to postgraduate level in human resource management. Steve is also a Specialist Advisor to the National Council of Hypnotherapy and a full member of The British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists. He is also completing his MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy.


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