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Work With Me Personally As Your Weight Loss Master Keeping Your Mind In The Right Place And Your Motivation Strong

Have Exclusive Access To My Very Own FATnosis Weight Loss Hypnosis Collection, Regarded By Many As The Strongest On The Market


What You Will Receive Each Month

Weekly Video / Facebook Live Support

Straight talking support to keep your motivation and your willpower strong; I know this is the biggest challenge for most looking to lose weight, so you will receive my bold and strong input to help you stay focused.

FATnosis Exclusive Clinics

Engage with me at my FATnosis Clinics and receive personalised support. You will be able to ask questions and receive direct tailored guidance.

Straight Talking Pep Talks

I will be strong with you, so my weekly FATnosis Mindset and Motivation pep talks will help to ensure you are directed to stay right on track. Tough love is part and parcel of FATnosis, and as you know, I don’t wrap it up in hearts and flowers. I will be direct so that you take action.

Techniques To Kick Emotional Eating

FATnosis guidance to help you manage Emotional Eating will be delivered so that in turn you rely less on food for comfort.

80-20 Meal Planning Samples

Each week I will deliver an example of the FATnosis 80-20 meal planning process and you will be given an opportunity to make sure you are on the right track. In addition you will receive strong creative portion control techniques.

Confidence & Self-Esteem Coaching

FATnosis is strongly focused on helping you to build Supreme Self-Esteem and will deliver regular tools to help you consistently do this. This will include strong and bold Hypnotherapy sessions and a range of practical strategies that will help to immediately accelerate your confidence.

Strategies To Control Eating Habits

Strong, no nonsense portion control techniques and Mindset support including Clinical Hypnosis will be delivered to help you regain control over food. Once you have regained the control over food and drink your ability to lose weight is massively heightened so I will deliver techniques to help you do this.

Monthly Products (x 6)

Each month (for six months), you will receive an online product covering a range of subjects including my ‘FATnosis - You’re Too Gorgeous To Be Fat’ Hypnosis audios. These will help you massively, and be tools that you can use time and time again. You can check details of the monthly products below.

‘Tracey Lost An Incredible 7 Stone, Supported By The FATnosis Style Of Weight Loss’

Your FATnosis Exclusive Monthly Products

As soon as you join my FATnosis Exclusive Academy you will be sent a welcome email and also your first product. In addition you will be invited to join my V.I.P FATnosis Exclusive Facebook Group. In the Facebook Group you will receive daily support from myself and my FATnosis Mentors. We aim to ensure you stay on track, remain motivated and keep your mind focused so that your willpower and new healthy habits are embedded.

Month 1: FATnosis 80-20 Meal Planning System

You will receive online coaching to use my FATnosis 80-20 meal planning system so that you never have to follow a rigid diet again. But as well as receiving meal planning support, you will receive my FATnosis creative portion control techniques that will help to motivate you to eat less where needed.

Month 2: The EXCLUSIVE Steve Miller's ‘You’re Too Gorgeous To Be Fat’ Weight Loss Hypnosis Collection

If you want a Weight Loss Hypnosis Audio Collection that is strong, bold, bullish and determined to program your mind to eat less, eat better and move more then you will love this. I have developed what I believe is now the strongest weight loss hypnosis series of MP 3 audio support that is exceptionally strong in hypnotic suggestion, ensuring you lose weight and keep it off.

Month 3: The Daily Miller: 30 Motivators To Keep You On Track

Standby as my straight talking, no nonsense Motivators, get delivered to your inbox. You will be able to use them each day, helping you to keep on track and ensure that being fat remains in the past.

PLUS: This month you will also receive a BONUS EXTRA. You will receive the FATnosis Sweet Tooth Extractor which will include a strong MP3 Hypnosis audio and an accompanying E-Guide detailing my 11 practical actions to keep your sweet tooth under control.

Month 4: Smacking Emotional Eating In The Chops AND Building Your Supreme Self-Esteem

If stress and pressure lead you to turn to food for comfort then I will help you sort it. You will receive my ‘SOS - Smack Emotional Eating In The Chops MP3 Audio‘ that you will be able to listen to whenever you feel you are going to turn to food for comfort. Also, you will receive a video where I will detail the 3 actions ‘that will build your Supreme Self-Esteem‘.

Month 5: Steve Miller's All New FATnosis Weight Loss Whip

Keeping you on track is a big focus for me. So in Month 5 you will receive my brand new FATnosis Weight Loss Whip Audio Collection. Both strong and supportive in tone, this will be something that you can use to help you keep focused, and maintain your motivation and willpower. Be warned. This is a CERT 18 MP3 Audio collection that you will be able to listen to when you need some tough love.

Month 6: Being Fat Free, Long Term... The FATnosis Way

Lose it and that’s great. But I want to help ensure that you keep it off once it’s off. So in Month 6 you will receive my ‘FATnosis Fat Free – Long Term Mindset and Motivation Toolkit’. You will be able to use this at any time, to remind yourself what you need to continue doing to remain fat free.

BONUS: You will also be able to join my V.I.P FATnosis Exclusive Facebook Group where you receive additional support from me personally and my Mentors.

‘Dee’s Transformation Was Incredible And I was Delighted To Support Her’

FATnosis Exclusive Director

I have been supporting people to lose weight for around 15 years, and during that time I have supported a range of people to lose up to 20 stone (127 Kilos) in weight. I am straight talking, no nonsense in style and believe that the overwhelming majority of people know what to eat to be slim, but struggle to get their mind in the right place and maintain a strong motivation. I was the Presenter of Sky TV’s hit TV show Fat Families with other media appearances including BBC Sunday Morning Live, ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Loose Women and This Morning. I guess I am bold and brave in my support to help people lose weight, and recently shocked the nation as I informed Eamonn Holmes on Live Television that he was too fat and could die soon. I was delighted to read several months later that Eamonn had lost weight. I have published several books and am an avid campaigner of banning the normalisation of fat.

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