Is Menopause Making Your Weight Loss Hard Work?
If Yes, This Will Help.

Are You Struggling With Hot Flushes / Flashes Due To Menopause?
If So, This Will Help.

Do You Need Support With Insomnia And To Relax Better Due To Menopause?
If So, This Will Help.

Would You Benefit From Nutritional Information Aligned To Menopause To Help You Lose And Manage Your Weight?
If So, This Will Help.

Would You Benefit From Soothing The Anxiety That Is Aligned To Menopause?
If So, This Will Help.

Evidence based support from Dr Sue Peacock and Mr Steven J. Miller

We understand that losing and managing weight because of menopause is a real challenge for many ladies. And we know that it can get you down and make you feel a sense of hopelessness.

That is why we have developed an online support tool to help you begin managing many of these challenges related to menopause when it comes to losing weight.

Our support is evidence based and we want to help you, amongst other things, to be able to manage the symptoms triggered by menopause so that you can lose and manage your weight better.

What You Will Receive

A Guide written by Dr Sue Peacock to help you begin to manage menopause and its symptoms better.

The FATnosis Managing Menopause Nutritional aide memoire to help you improve your food and nutritional intake.

An MP3 Clinical Hypnotherapy audio to help you manage hot flushes / flashes so that you have a tool to help turn down their intensity.

An MP3 Hypnotherapy audio designed to help maintain motivation to eat better, hence improving your nutritional intake in line with the challenge of menopause.

An MP3 audio designed to help you manage insomnia better and get better sleep.

An MP3 Hypnotherapy Audio to help you relax and ease the anxiety associated with menopause so that you can manage the challenge it brings better.

About Mr Steven J. Miller

I have been supporting people to lose weight for around 15 years, and during that time I have supported a range of people to lose up to 20 stone (127 Kilos) in weight. I am straight talking, no nonsense in style and believe that the overwhelming majority of people know what to eat to be slim, but struggle to get their mind in the right place and maintain a strong motivation. I was the Presenter of Sky TV’s hit TV show Fat Families with other media appearances including BBC Sunday Morning Live, ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Loose Women and This Morning. I guess I am bold and brave in my support to help people lose weight, and recently shocked the nation as I informed Eamonn Holmes on Live Television that he was too fat and could die soon. I was delighted to read several months later that Eamonn had lost weight. I have published several books and am an avid campaigner of banning the normalisation of fat.

About Dr Sue Peacock

Dr Sue Peacock is a leading Consultant Health Psychologist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. She is also an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with experience in helping clients with clinical depression, sleep disorders and pain. Sue has an extensive track recording of supporting patients and clients presenting with depression.

Sue is also a published author and has been featured by the media for her work. Sue works in an empathic practical manner with clients and recognises the need to support clients to move forward on a practical level. Sue has experience working in both the NHS and in private practice.

fatnosis sue peacock

Our Mission To Support You

  • Helping you to manage the symptoms of menopause so that you can lose and manage your weight.

  • Supporting you to manage hot flushes / flashes associated with menopause through the use of self-hypnosis.

  • Assisting you to improve your nutritional intake in line with the challenge menopause brings you.

  • Helping you to relax and manage the anxiety aligned to menopause via hypnotherapy to help support your positive mood.

  • Supporting you to sleep better so that you enhance your overall health.

Standard Retail Price: £89.00

Launch Offer Price: Just £35
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  • Purchasers understand that this online product is to complement the guidance they receive from their GP / Medical Professional.
  • Purchasers recognise this product is a mindset and motivational support, as opposed to medical intervention.
  • Purchasers agree to consult their GP / Medical Professional as needed whilst experiencing the symptoms of menopause.
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  • Any forwarding on of these download products to third parties is deemed theft.
  • FATnosis does not accept responsibility for the amount of weight lost and maintained.
  • This product is strictly for those who are not currently suffering from or have suffered significant mental illness or are under the supervision of a health professional for any condition related to food and diet.
  • Purchasers agree not to forward the product onto any third party.
  • You will need access to a PC or Mac, and iTunes to listen to the audios on your iPhone or iPad.
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  • Please note that the cheat sheets within this product are strictly for guidance only. Purchasers agree to take full responsibility for their selection of food and nutrition and understand that given science changes from time to time, agree to take full responsibility to manage their own intake.
  • Purchasers agree to visit their GP or Health Practitioner in the event of experiencing any dietary and health concerns.