Time To Look Fab At The Christmas Party

Are you a Christmas person?

Do you dread the Christmas party season wondering what on earth you are going to wear?

Do you look in the wardrobe asking yourself if only I could lose a bit of weight I could get into that outfit?

It all sounds too familiar doesn’t it?

But the reality is that this time of year brings a challenge to so many women (in particular) because the party outfit that they so want to wear seems just a dream.

Often the only good news is that you can wear black, and add some twinkly accessories to hide the shape of the body that you so want to change.

And there are those who will choose to stay at home because they feel too depressed to go to the works Christmas party as a result of having nothing to wear that makes them feel good.

And do you know what? I understand that. I’ve been there as well.

So hey ladies, listen to your Weight Loss Master and let me help trim you down a little so that this year can, for once, be a bit different.

There are 3 crucial things you need to do right now:

1. Let go as much as you can to any negative emotion and replace it with something more fulfilling. Yes, that does mean letting your man know if he needs to change. And if he’s a drain – ditch him!

2. Shop around for something new that is one or two sizes smaller depending on how much weight you can realistically lose before the Christmas festivities begin. If budget is tight get yourself some accessories. No matter how small treat yourself as a mark of taking action.

3. Write under my 3M’s what you will do to make it happen:

Mission: write down what you will look, sound, and feel like when you slip into your favourite Christmas party outfit.

Mindset: write down what you will do to ensure your mind remains focused. This may include affirming to yourself every day that you have the control over food and are proud to be able to eat less and eat better.

Motivation: write down all the practical things you can do to motivate yourself all the way to your favourite Christmas party outfit. This may include using your ‘For Frocks Sake – Christmas Special’ product, getting a buddy so you motivate each other or even taking up a new hobby or interest.

My Product For You

I have developed a product to help you lose weight and get into your Christmas party outfit. You will receive 3 hypnotherapy audios to help drive you all the way there.


Here is the link that will provide you with further information:

Click Here: For Frocks Sake

Please Note: The price for this brand new product is increasing on Friday 18th October.

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