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Arguably The #1 Strongest, Boldest Mindset Motivational Weight Loss Hypnosis On The Market

Do You Need Strong Motivational Support To Get Your Head In The Right Place To Lose Weight? If So, This Will Help.

Are You Desperate To Keep Your Willpower Strong To Improve Your Health, Confidence And Self-esteem? If So, This Will Help.

Would You Like To Regain Control Of Your Eating Habits So That You Can Lose Weight And Feel Confident Again? If So, This Will Help.

‘Tracey Lost An Incredible 7 Stone, Supported By The FATnosis Style Of Weight Loss’

‘Dee’s Transformation Was Incredible And I was Delighted To Support Her’

Your FATnosis Weight Loss Hypnosis Audios

Audio 1: FATnosis Self Induced Mindset Program (S.I.M)

Your first Audio will help you to understand how to do Self Induced Mindset Programming (S.I.M) which will automatically help you to embed your own hypnotic suggestions into your subconscious mind, helping you to increase your motivation and program your mind to eat less and eat better.

Audio 2: Your Fat Free Hypnotic Motivator

Motivating your subconscious mind to be in partnership with your conscious mind is important when wanting to lose weight. This audio aptly titled ‘Fat Free’ embeds strong positive suggestions that enthuse your mind to eat less, eat better and move more. This Audio is massively useful when you have one of those days where you aren’t quite feeling it and need to regain your mojo.

Audio 3: Head Strong Against Fat

One of the biggest issues people face when trying to lose weight is regaining a solid control over food and drink. Your ‘Head Strong Against Fat’ Audio will deliver strong and bold suggestions designed to help program your subconscious mind to ensure that you are in control when around food and drink as opposed to the food and drink controlling you. Once you have control you will then be more mentally equipped to eat less and eat better.

Audio 4: Your FATnosis Success Habit Hammer

Losing weight is one thing. Keeping the weight off is another, and yes it can be very challenging at times. Fear not! Audio 4 is your ‘Success Habit Hammer’ and is a carefully designed Weight Loss Hypnosis session that will significantly help you to keep the weight off as you lose it. So, on those days that you worry you are losing the focus and might put the weight back on, this will be the Audio to listen to.

Audio 5: FATnosis Supreme Self Esteem

Feeling confident about you means you will rely less on food and drink for comfort. And valuing yourself and who you are will also mean that you are better positioned to manage emotional eating. This Audio is probably the strongest and most power Hypnosis Audio there is when it comes to helping you to increase your self-esteem and confidence.

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About Steve Miller

I have been supporting people to lose weight for around 15 years, and during that time I have supported a range of people to lose up to 20 stone (127 Kilos) in weight. I am straight talking, no nonsense in style and believe that the overwhelming majority of people know what to eat to be slim, but struggle to get their mind in the right place and maintain a strong motivation. I was the Presenter of Sky TV’s hit TV show Fat Families with other media appearances including BBC Sunday Morning Live, ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Loose Women and This Morning. I guess I am bold and brave in my support to help people lose weight, and recently shocked the nation as I informed Eamonn Holmes on Live Television that he was too fat and could die soon. I was delighted to read several months later that Eamonn had lost weight. I have published several books and am an avid campaigner of banning the normalisation of fat.


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