How Combined Hypnosis and Coaching Works

I have always been an advocate of combining my coaching style with clinical hypnosis and in this Blog I will explain how the two will help support you to achieve your specific goal.

A personal story

To help explain how it works I will share my own personal story. It all started when I was working in a very well paid job fifteen years ago. Pressures mounted and through changes in my personal life my confidence became fragile. I recall driving down the M6 having to pull over as a wave of anxiety filled my mind and body. That was the point I knew I had to do something and do it quickly. Of course what had happened was that my self confidence had taken a huge tumble, and with self belief now fragile I was left feeling anxious. That M6 moment was to be the start of something new in my life and now knowing I had to take action, I decided to visit a clinical hypnotherapist in Birmingham.

I must admit I was a cynic at first. After-all I was a practical thinking individual who preferred the down to earth solution rather than what I thought would be some shrink trying to fix my mind. However, I was blown away with the results that followed. It was after several sessions of clinical hypnosis and coaching that I realised things were beginning to change. My anxiety was subsiding and my confidence was elevated. It was as though my mind had been cleansed and a set of new programs installed that would now allow me to become focused again, with a feeling of increased confidence, self belief and esteem.

What happened next?

After around 6 sessions of combined clinical hypnosis and coaching in Birmingham I continued practicing self hypnosis. The hypnotherapist had taught me the art of self hypnosis in one of the sessions, so I was now empowered to take advantage of this new tool that would embed self belief and confidence daily. Each week I felt mentally and physically stronger.

Working at boardroom level I could now present and hold meetings with a feeling of renewed confidence and ease, and my personal impact returned. As time passed my confidence had become strong, and because I was blown away with the results of the hypnosis I decided to train as a clinical hypnotherapist. After three years of hard study I managed to graduate with Distinction and then set up my practice. As I was studying clinical hypnosis it was always a vision to set up practice as a clinical hypnotherapist in Birmingham and Solihull.

But there was more to come. I took the plunge and left paid employment and set up my own training company, which would be a sister business to hypnotherapy and coaching. The company grew and as it did I set new goals. What would follow was something I never thought possible. Having been told I was average at school my confidence was now so strong that I decided to write a book. This book would focus on weight loss because I knew what it was like to be fat. I achieved a book deal but it wouldn’t stop there. I went on to write five more books which are now internationally available. Combined hypnosis and coaching really had changed my life and been instrumental in achieving my business goals which also included a hit TV show on Sky Television.

The combined hypnosis and coaching approach had indeed helped me achieve my goals. It’s for this reason that I now see private clients using hypnosis and coaching to help them achieve their goals.
Hypnotherapy in Birmingham and Solihull

Now back in the Midlands I run a busy private practice offering Hypnotherapy in the West Midlands. The practice is based in Solihull and I find that combined hypnosis and coaching supports individuals achieve results in areas from confidence to anxiety management. Clients come from all over and range from members of the general public to celebrities, business and sales executives to politicians. The range is vast.

But how does hypnosis and coaching really work?

The blend of coaching and hypnosis works by addressing both the practical techniques of achieving your goal, plus the mind programs and self belief needed to help achieve the it. The science of hypnosis is based on the fact that when we are relaxed we are able to “fix” or “reprogram” the mind at the subconscious level.

Working with clients I often teach them self hypnosis as well as coaching them on how to achieve their goal. For example a business executive looking to increase confidence in business meetings will receive hypnotherapy but also be coached on using a range of practical techniques to manage the anxiety in the business meeting itself. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and focused concentration that helps the mind reprogram and install new beliefs and programs. Blended with coaching this helps clients to achieve their goals fast.

The key conditions

Conditions where I apply the combination of hypnosis and coaching include:

•    Public speaking
•    Weight loss
•    Panic attacks
•    Job interviews
•    Social confidence
•    Business confidence
•    Exams
•    Phobia treatments
•    Driving tests

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