How Hypnosis Can Support Executive Success

When you first consider it, hypnosis and business may seem like two seemingly incompatible disciplines.

Corporate life and entrepreneurialism tend to focus upon ‘hard’ skills that rely upon facts, figures and data to prove success, while hypnosis has traditionally been associated with ‘soft’ skills such as enhanced relaxation, healing or overcoming phobias and addiction.

The truth is, however, that hypnosis can be an extremely valuable method of boosting career success and handling some of the common issues which hold people back in business. Here are the top five ways that your business career can benefit from the positive effects of hypnosis…

Boosting Confidence

The business environment is stressful at the best of times, and if we have an underlying fear that we are not competent at our job this can make anxieties even worse. Hypnosis is designed to cut through issues such as ‘imposter syndrome’ (where we believe that we will be ‘caught out’ somehow and found to be faking business proficiency), and provide us with a toolkit of resources that boost confidence and support us to shine in a business environment.

Presentation Skills

Did you know that a fear of presenting and public speaking ranks as the number one phobia for most people, eclipsing other fears such as snakes, spiders and heights? This is because most of us lack the natural confidence, poise and self-assurance necessary to come across in public situations in the way we deserve to. We are inherently shy of situations which may result in us being laughed at, messing up publicly or somehow being caught out for being incompetent or unprofessional. Hypnosis is a really valuable way of overcoming these fears, supporting us by instilling a sense of calm when we most need it, and enabling us to tackle public speaking and presenting in a confident, relaxed way.

Just a few sessions can leave us feeling positive about our public speaking and presentation skills, safe in the knowledge that we have all the skills necessary to speak with authority and banish the nerves, shaking and dry mouth that make us fear challenging public engagements.


It can often be tough to get motivated in business, particularly if we don’t feel particularly enthused by our roles. Hypnosis can offer the motivation you need to tackle business activities head on, banishing procrastination and giving you the energy and dedication required to succeed. By overcoming inertia and providing you with the skills to approach learning new tasks, for example by boosting memory or concentration, hypnosis can support you to succeed by addressing some of the common stumbling blocks encountered in a business environment and helping you to develop new skills and competencies to shine.

Stress Management

Most of us will suffer from stress at some point in our lives, and the business environment is the most likely place where this will occur. Stress can interfere with our everyday working practices, leaving us feeling tired, disillusioned and anxious in situations that we would normally handle really well. By promoting relaxation and working on the trigger factors that are causing a stress response, hypnosis can make a huge difference to your overall mood and outlook, supporting you to manage stress in a positive way and freeing you up to succeed in your role.

Organisational Skills

If you are struggling to manage time in your job, trying to juggle a myriad different tasks with tight deadlines, you would really benefit from hypnosis. The hypnosis process will enable you to approach your ‘things to do’ list in a methodical, calm way, providing you with a great suite of skills and resources to manage your time effectively, become more organised and structured in your daily activities, and boost productivity by giving you more energy and focus when you need it most.

There are very few situations in business that a positive course of hypnosis won’t provide support with. Whether you are looking to manage stress, increase time management skills or combat a fear of presenting, it can be a really valuable tool to transform your outlook, increase your outputs and give you a boost of enthusiasm, motivation and concentration to succeed.

Have you tried Hypnosis to support your Executive Success?

Please share your views in the comments below.

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