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It is a question I am asked weekly. With so many people out there having tried diet after diet, more and more people are realising that to lose weight, one has to get their mind in the right place first. But is weight loss hypnosis truly effective? Does it actually work? Or is it some kind of mystical new age phenomena that is nothing more than a placebo?


Well, I will correct my assertion and say that most of the time, it will not work on its own. Certainly there have been some reports indicating that sessions of hypnosis alone for weight loss have been successful, however experience tells me that hypnosis needs to be accompanied by other support interventions such as motivational coaching and meal planning.

Looking back on my own experience I can conclude that weight loss hypnosis alone did not work. As my own weight loss hypnotherapy practice evolved, I realised that additional tools were needed to support a client, hence why I introduced straight talking motivational coaching and an 80-20 meal planning regime.

The weight loss hypnosis was certainly a tool that helped, but alone it was weak. Clients also required behaviour change coaching and a sense of accountability. It is why in my world ‘Hypnosis’ became ‘FATnosis’, and yes the client results became much better. Indeed research in my own weight loss hypnotherapy practice has actually found that clients benefitted more from the straight talking style of motivational coaching compared to the formal weight loss hypnosis.


The biggest single thing that weight loss hypnosis delivers is a support to help you create a focused concentration on what it is you want such as controlling your eating habits, managing emotional eating and motivating your mind.

During a session of weight loss Hypnotherapy a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will help you to embed the suggestions you want into your subconscious mind. Reports on the effectiveness of sessions also vary and much seems to depend upon the skill and personality of the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist. It is therefore crucial that you select a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist wisely.

To be frank, there are many proclaiming to offer weight loss hypnosis who could not inspire the thirsty to drink water.

That is of course balanced with many who do fine work. When selecting a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist, make sure you personally find the person inspiring before you sign up with them, otherwise you may very soon realise the process has become a complete waste of time.


There are a number of characteristics and here are 7 to help you select one of the very best Weight Loss Hypnotherapists. Remember, the effectiveness of weight loss Hypnotherapy very much depends on the personal attributes of the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist. Certificates alone often mean nothing, and they have very little impact on the Weight Loss Hypnotherapists ability to help you get a result.

So use these 7 characteristics to help you spot a talented Weight Loss Hypnotherapist:-

1. Strong communication skills and motivational impact.

2. Easily able to talk about their experience and results.

3. Professional website, consulting room and personal image.

4. Content rich social media platforms.

5. An ability to explain how weight loss hypnosis works.

6. Flexibility in their delivery of weight loss hypnosis.

7. Confidence, conviction and charisma.


In short, it can be seen as a magic wand. It isn’t.

Yes it can really help you, but you must realise that you will need to be willing to put the effort in, change your behaviour and work in partnership with the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist.

Can I be honest with you?

I assume you want me to be. The single biggest reason Weight Loss Hypnosis fails badly is because the client really believes that sitting in an armchair, closing their eyes and being told they will eat better will automatically work. Well, yes it will help, but you must also recognise that you will have to make the effort outside of the Weight Loss Hypnosis session.

If weight loss hypnosis was a magic wand breakthrough then the whole nation would be slim by now. Well perhaps most.


1. Can you prove to me that you are successful?

2. How does the process of weight loss hypnosis work?

3. What additional support do you offer your clients?

4. How do you determine what you put in my mind?

5. Why should I work with you?

Never be afraid to ask questions. They will certainly help you make a decision as to which Weight Loss Hypnotherapist is right for you. As a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist myself using tools on top of weight loss hypnosis, I am always keen for a prospective client to ask me such challenging questions. It’s important and helps to solidify the relationship between me and the client if we decide to move forward together.

So yes, there are many reasons you should invest in a number of weight loss hypnosis sessions, but I would personally recommend you take on board the need for behavioural change at the conscious level and an understanding that weight loss hypnosis is not a slim magic wand.

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