Hypno-Coaching: The New Tonic For Executives

It’s a tough world out there for executives, isn’t it?

The days of a permanent job for life, with all of the associated benefits and security are a thing of the past. And instead we’re faced with a cut-throat environment where corporate workers are expected to overachieve every day just to keep their competitive edge and remain at the forefront of their industry.

Whether you work in a financial institution, corporate environment, the hospitality trade or any other industry, the chances are you are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance your performance to bring yourself security. While there are a number of steps you can take to improve your offering as an executive, such as undertaking training courses, acquiring new qualifications or gaining management skills, sometimes it takes a little extra to pop your head above the parapet of your colleagues and really shine at work.

The most successful executives have confidence, industry knowledge and a distinct approach which marries a combination of organisational skills, self-assurance and competence. Many of the key aspects of the executive role such as strong presentation or effective time management can be difficult skills to master, and sometimes it takes a little more than training to achieve the work persona you want to project.

Through a combined approach of coaching and hypnosis, it’s possible to unleash your potential as an executive and acquire a truly unstoppable set of skills and attributes that will make your line manager sit up and take notice when you undertake your role each day.

Here’s how it works:

Coaching for Long-term Confidence and Goal Setting

Often, we know that we have some work to do before we achieve everything we need in a corporate environment, but it can be difficult to identify the exact steps needed to shine in our careers. Coaching works by you sitting down with a skilled professional and establishing exactly where you want to get to in your career. It works with you to identify areas where you can develop critical skills to enhance your performance, such as presentation effectiveness, improved confidence, motivation, organisational skills or strategic thinking, for example.

Once these key areas have been established, the therapist will go on to work with you to map out an accessible and achievable programme for success. You’ll have someone on hand to bounce ideas off, keep you on track to achieve your set goals, and give you key tips, tools and techniques to understand exactly what you need to do to reach your maximum potential.

Hypnosis for Executive Success

Hypnosis is a natural partner for coaching when it comes to helping executives achieve their potential. While the coaching process helps you to set clear goals and direction for what you want to achieve, hypnosis is an invaluable tool for providing you with long-lasting motivation to succeed. Whether you have issues with confidence, are a natural procrastinator or simply want a really effective way to relax so you don’t take work stress home with you each day, hypnosis will help.

The process of hypnosis combined with coaching will equip you with all the tools you need to achieve ongoing and long-lasting success in your executive role, harnessing all of your inherent attributes and capitalising upon your inner strength to shine in your industry.


  • Being an executive is really a hard task. Different skills should be possessed to effectively stand on such position. Goal setting, organizational and management skills are just few of important traits an executive must have. That is why they need executive coaching to help them handle and maintain those skills.

  • Hi Chris – I agree. The range of skills needed are vast and the ability to be emotionally resilient is business critical. Hypnotherapy and Coaching are a useful combination to enhance the mindset of busy executives who require confidence, belief and focus to achieve goals. Hypno-Coaching is fast becoming the new ‘executive coaching’ model.

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