Using Hypnosis To Overcome Erectile Dysfunction


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It’s not something that most of us will talk about at a dinner party or with colleagues, but erectile dysfunction is a highly common, distressing and yet ultimately curable condition.

Many of us can suffer from sexual problems, and yet because so few of us are willing to discuss the issue with a GP or healthcare practitioner, often people find themselves suffering needlessly rather than choosing to seek treatment.

Erectile dysfunction can take many forms, from simple impotence where a male is unable to ‘perform’ when the situation arises, through to a genuine anxiety about sex which causes extreme stress and anxiety for the sufferer. Many of these conditions are caused by unpleasant or uncomfortable experiences such as a difficult initiation in to intercourse, male sexual abuse, or occur as a result of a difficult or challenging experience where the male has lost confidence sexually.

Understanding the reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction

While there are many medical causes for sexual dysfunction, it’s safe to say that the majority of cases of impotence occur through psychological barriers that stop us from enjoying our sexuality and making love with our partners. If intercourse has been painful or impossible on one occasion, for example, they may find that their body automatically responds tensely to any future attempts, regardless of how comfortable they are with their sexual partner, or how much they want to make love. Another reason for erectile dysfunction which is far more common than you would imagine, is a fear of causing an unwanted pregnancy.

Recent studies show 22 percent of 40-year-old men and up to 49 percent of 70-year-old men may have erectile dysfunction.

Of these cases, it’s estimated that approximately 20 percent of cases are psychological in cause. These cases can stem from feelings of guilt, performance anxiety, stress, depression or anxiety, making the sufferer unable to achieve sexual satisfaction with their partners. The trouble with this kind of issue, the more the person begins to worry about their performance, the more it can actually prevent them from achieving an erection, causing a ‘catch-22’ situation which is self-perpetuating.

The long-term effects of impotence and sexual dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can lead to deeper issues such as depression, lost confidence and even relationship problems. Partners can feel somehow to blame for the situation, misinterpreting the male’s inability to achieve and sustain an erection as a lack of sexual attraction. Because so few of us feel confident and comfortable in discussing sex openly and honestly, it’s safe to say that many issues that could be ironed out quickly and easily are brushed aside, resulting in unspoken resentment and a growing sense of inadequacy and concern.

Taking positive steps to address the issue

The good news is, if you have erectile dysfunction and all medical causes have been ruled out, hypnosis can really help.

By working with you to make you feel relaxed and comfortable before the session begins, the hypnosis coach will be able to remove the issues which are causing the erectile dysfunction and help you regain your prowess in the bedroom once again. Unlike many treatments for impotence or erectile dysfunction, hypnosis is a truly non-invasive and non-threatening way of addressing the issue without the need for lengthy personal discussions or embarrassing and unwanted conversations about your sexual history or circumstances.

Remember that erectile dysfunction is common, normal, and nothing at all to do with your masculinity, capabilities or willpower. It’s a simple effect of a psychological hiccup that can be addressed with sensitivity and care, in a safe, unobtrusive environment.

A great hypnosis coach can really support men with impotence or erectile dysfunction by re-programming their unconscious mind to respond positively to sexual intercourse, in a truly sensitive, non-threatening and comfortable environment. By addressing the underlying psychological reasons behind the impotence rather than focussing upon the situation itself, the hypnosis coach will be able to work with you in just one or two sessions to have you swinging from the chandeliers once again!

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  • There are a lot of products that can help resolve sexual health problems like ED. However, some men are reluctant to admit that they have issues that need to be resolved in order to improve their sex life.

    • Agreed. Men should not be afraid to discuss these issues. Clinical and medical hypnotherapy helps alleviate these conditions very successsfully.

  • Being sexual dysfunction really have many cause in medically or even in psychological. But there are so many treatments, one of those is the hypnosis. It’s really good to undergo in this treatment for better healing. Thanks for the blog. I like it.

  • I agree. Erectile Dysfunction is quite an issue with many men, but no one is willing to speak out for fear of being ridiculed. Anth this does not make the situation better. Men suffering with this condition have their self esteem injured but cannot seek help. Perhaps the first step is emporing them, letting them know actually almost one in five men has the condition, anbd that it is not death sentence.

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