How Hypnosis Helps With Weight Loss And Ensures The Weight Stays Off

At some point or another in our lives, most of us will have looked in the mirror and probably been a little disappointed with what we see in our reflection! No matter what size or shape we are, the majority of people can see things that they would like to change or improve to do with our body image. For many of us, we can simply step up the exercise or change our diet for a few weeks to get back to the size we want to be, and become happy with our body image once again.

However, many people can find themselves in a situation of yo-yo dieting, where they feel full of resolve to lose weight and get healthy for a few weeks, but then find that they lapse back in to old habits as soon as the initial willpower has faded. Life events and stress triggers can make us forget positive eating habits and instead revert back to old patterns of self-destructive or negative relationships with food.

The Underlying Issues

I see many people every month who have become caught up in a continual circle of ‘crash’ dieting and losing weight, and then gaining the weight once again. The problem is, no matter how strict we are when we go on a diet, and how determined we may be to lose weight quickly and stick to our diets, unless we tackle some of the underlying issues surrounding our relationship with food, we won’t be able to make long-term positive changes.

Any severe diet that restricts calories is unhealthy, as it causes our bodies to store fat, so ultimately we are training ourselves to maintain, rather than gradually lose, weight. Crash diets tend to make our bodies lose a lot of water in the first few days, so even though we appear to be making positive progress, all that happens is that we return to our pre-diet weight as soon as we start to eat normally once again.

The Positive Way To Weight Loss

This cycle of rapid weight loss and subsequent weight gain can leave many people feeling demoralised and negative about their body image. The good news is, however, that hypnosis can be a really positive way of changing our approach to health and weight loss, leading us to eating sensibly over a sustained period of time. By changing bad habits on a sub-conscious level, we are able to build a foundation of health which lasts a lifetime, freeing us from the weight loss/weight gain cycle permanently.

Hypnosis works as a sustained support mechanism for long-term weight loss by tackling the underlying issues we have with food and nutrition, while at the same time providing positive suggestions for ongoing change.

Individuals who use hypnosis to challenge some of their ingrained approaches to weight loss, exercise and diet can benefit from sustained improvements which happen on a sub-conscious level, so health improves and weight stays off without us even thinking about it or making any effort.

Hypnosis Is The Most Effective Method

When it comes to making a positive and sustained transformation to your weight, hypnosis is one of the most effective methods for achieving your targets without the need for crash dieting, expensive supplements or punishing exercise regimes. By working with your body and mind to put in natural support mechanisms and challenge negative habits and ideas, hypnosis will help you to make a long-term, positive shift to a healthier, happier and more confident you – just a little bit less of you than there was before!

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  • I’ve been reading of your post and I’ve found it useful and informative. Just continue sharing your ideas and thoughts about hypnosis. Looking forward for more blog tips and ideas from you Steve.

    • Thank you for posting. I will continue to share my ideas and thoughts. Nothing focuses the mind like hypnosis in my opinion. It is a highly beneficial tool to support long lasting change.

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