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It’s a Competitive World

It is a competitive world we live in especially when it comes to business.

As Henry Ford said ‘the harder I work the luckier I become’ and he was spot on.

However, I would go one stage further and say that the more mentally and emotional fit I am the luckier I become.

In a time of economic uncertainty sales and business development professionals face pressures like never before.

Targets are stretching, and the pressure to achieve them is intense.

As pressures mount to achieve targets the sales executive can often become more preoccupied with the stresses of not hitting their target, rather than focusing their mind to go beyond the target.

This is where hypnotherapy helps.

How Hypnotherapy Helps

Hypnotherapy can be defined as the process of reconditioning the mind using a relaxed, creative, and focused concentration.

The hypnotherapist will facilitate a process that helps the sales executive drift into a pleasant state of relaxation, gain a focused concentration, and then use a number of protocols to help program the subconscious mind to do exactly what the sales executive wants.

In practical terms hypnotherapy will help the sales executive program their mind to:

  • Meet with their clients in a inspiring and calm manner
  • Make sales presentations that are engaging and memorable
  • Maintain a self confidence and resilience to go beyond target

A Boost to Self Esteem

Hypnotherapy is particularly strong in boosting self esteem and as such sales executives are able to build stronger confidence.

The Hypnotherapist should always include positive suggestions that increase the esteem, as well as ensuring any associated stress is relieved.

At Hypnotherapy Birmingham and Hypnotherapy Solihull I aim to work with sales executives over three session’s maximum.

The sessions are always tailored to the client’s needs and between sessions the sales executive completes a number of homework tasks that further help them program their mind to achieve a successful outcome.

What are your views on hypnotherapy?

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  • That’s great! Meeting with a different people in a meeting with a confident is hard to attain for some people with a low self esteem. But with the help of hypnotherapy it can boost that confident in a high level. Thanks for the blog. Keep it up,

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