How Hypnotherapy Installs Immediate Confidence

Hypnotherapy Confidence.

How confident are you?

Confidence can manifest in many different ways.

We can feel confident that we look good on certain days, or that we know our job inside out, or that we are nice people.

We can gain confidence when we are complimented, or when we try out a new sport or hobby for the first time.

Above all, though, confidence is at its most useful and important when it gives us the boost that we need to do our daily tasks well and with a sense of security, knowing we are capable.

Confidence is a great thing, until it fails us.

Losing confidence can change our attitude and behaviour in so many different ways it would be difficult to catalogue them all in one blog post. For instance, someone with agoraphobia has lost all confidence in their ability to deal with the outside world, and so stay indoors day after day, unable to generate the self-assurance they need to step outside.

How a Lack of Confidence gets in the way of our Achievements

We can lose confidence in ourselves as parents, so that every time our child cries we question our ability to soothe him or her.

Similarly, a loss of confidence in the workplace could stop a fire-fighter from entering a building, a police officer from chasing a criminal, or a professional singer from uttering a single note when they stand on the stage ready to deliver their performance.

Confidence is a really important aspect of our overall psyche. We need it in order to trust in our abilities, be at peace with ourselves and do our jobs, whatever they may be, with a strong sense of purpose and ability. When confidence leaves us, we are reduced to a quivering wreck of self-doubt, judgment and worry.

Using Hypnotherapy to Improve Our Confidence

I work with people every day who have lost confidence.

This shows itself through their insecurities, fears and worries about their abilities, both in and out of the workplace. The positive news is that hypnosis can really support people to regain faith in themselves, and the ensuing boost of confidence enables them to go back to their everyday life feeling empowered and positive, rather than worried and self-doubting.

Hypnosis works by tackling the underlying insecurities which have resulted in lost confidence. Whether this stems from a misplaced comment from a colleague, or indoctrinated through years of parental reinforcement, the process of hypnosis is ideally suited to both tackle the underlying issue, and provide positive alternative suggestions for future growth and development.

If your lack of confidence is hampering your ability to shine in your personal, social or work life, it’s well worth considering a few sessions of hypnosis to enable you to regain your sense of self-worth and build your confidence back up to a positive and empowering level.

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Hypnotherapy Confidence


  • Hi Susannah – I agree. In fact I always initially work with clients exploring any underlying issues. However thereafter it is always about identifying solutions and embedding new positive and empowering beliefs in the subconscious mind.

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