Hypnotherapy For Anxiety Reduction


It is reported that at any one time one in six people is suffering from anxiety. The pressures of modern day living combined with specific stresses of both our professional and personal lives can often result in high levels of anxiety.
Some of the main categories of anxiety include:-

  • Social anxiety – feelings of anxiety when meeting people and engaging in social situations. Often people suffering from social anxiety want to escape and hide.
  • Workplace anxiety – feelings of anxiety arising through self doubt, feelings of inferiority, fear of not being accepted and a fear of failure.
  • Situational anxiety – feelings of anxiety arising through certain situations that for some reason trigger an immense feeling of panic and immediate anxiety.
  • Generalised anxiety – where an individual feels constant states of anxiety that can eventually lead to panic disorder.

Treating Anxiety With Clinical Hypnotherapy

Anxiety is closely associated with low levels of self confidence. The anxiety is triggered because of a sudden lack of self confidence in relation to certain times in life, events or situations. The mind begins to learn how to be anxious as opposed to calm and confident, and as a result, the unconscious mind feeds anxiety to many areas of life.

The good news is that with a careful re-programming of the mind individuals can release anxiety and replace it with feelings of calm and confidence over time. Typically a client would attend up to 6 hypnotherapy sessions to alleviate the anxiety. Hypnotherapy will support clients who present with anxiety in 3 distinct ways namely:-

  • Helping the mind release anxiety and replace it with a state of calm and confidence
  • Affirm new programs into the unconscious mind that are aligned to supporting a new state of calm and confidence
  • Programming the mind to deal with anxiety provoking situations in a much more appropriate way.

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You can contact Steve Miller in the strictest confidence here: hello@stevemillerhypnotherapy.co.uk
About Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Distinction Graduate of the London College Of Clinical Hypnosis. He is also a TV Presenter and Coach. He has been in private practice for over 10 years and is currently completing an MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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