Hypnotherapy For Business Executives


Over the last few years I have supported hundreds of business executives from CEO to senior business leaders increase their personal impact and performance in business. More and more are turning to the fast and effective application of hypnotherapy as the pressures and pace of work increase. Typically this has included supporting executives in a range of business areas including:-

  • Mental focus to drive and exceed commercial goals
  • Sales revenue targets including motivation and drive
  • Anxiety and stress management to cope with business pressures

Self esteem and confidence often takes a knock when pressures mount and the business climate becomes more challenging. This is where hypnotherapy delivers a strong and solid intervention, ensuring that the mind is programmed positively at the unconscious level.

How Hypnotherapy Supports The Business Executive

Business clients normally attend hypnotherapy to attain an immediate result. It is essential to teach them self hypnosis so that they have a tool to use for themselves in between sessions. The hypnotherapeutic intervention used is designed in line with the client’s specific goal. Sessions last for around one hour; however clients travelling a distance may book a double session. Sessions are always confidential and it is not uncommon for business executives to revisit their hypnotherapist for regular “top ups”.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

During your first session the practitioner will explain how hypnotherapy works and reassure you that it is completely safe. The goal should be identified and the hypnotherapist should always explain how he/she will achieve the goal with you. Once the rapport is established and an explanation of how hypnosis works is completed the session will begin.

There are 5 key stages to a hypnotherapy session:-

  1. Focused concentration: where the practitioner helps you focus the mind
  2. Progressive relaxation – helping you to rest your mind and body
  3. Deepening: helping your mind to go into a deeper state of focused concentration
  4. Intervention: where the practitioner conducts the appropriate hypnotherapy protocol
  5. Awakening: Bringing you out of a relaxed state and into full conscious alertness

About Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Distinction Graduate of the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. He has practiced hypnotherapy for over 10 years and is currently completing the MSc in Clinical Hypnosis.
For further information email hello@stevemillerhypnotherapy.co.uk

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