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Job Interview Anxieties

Do you struggle with anxiety when called for a job interview?

Do you find you become more pre-occupied with your interview nerves rather than the opportunity to deliver the message of what experience you will bring to the job itself?

If so you are not alone.

One survey revealed that a staggering 78% of respondents reported symptoms that included dizziness, blurred vision, a shaky voice and feeling faint, and a sudden drop in self confidence. It is these psychological and physiological symptoms that can often harm the flow of communication between the interviewee and interviewer, resulting in a lack of rapport and poor projection from the candidate.

Why This Happens

Our self belief determines our behaviour so once the interview is announced the subconscious mind automatically communicates to the conscious mind explaining to it how you will perform at the interview. You may have performed poorly in the past or have though limiting self talk planted disempowering beliefs about how well you perform at job interviews. If that is the case then as soon as you receive the invitation for interview you immediately start thinking about the interview itself and whether you will come across well enough. Then at the interview your ability to engage with the interviewer and sell yourself in the best light becomes difficult.

How Hypnotherapy Helps

As hypnotherapy is a process of bypassing the conscious mind a hypnotherapist will be able to embed new suggestions designed to empower and build your confidence at the subconscious level. This may involve using a direct form of suggestion or using a number of creative protocols to help your subconscious begin to embed a more positive belief set about the actual job interview. All of this is done in a deeply relaxed state so that you also feel less stressed about the and immediately increase you self confidence for the job interview itself.

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