Hypnotherapy Weight Loss: Feed Your Mind and Not Your Body

There’s a great quote out there, attributed to Dorothy Day, that goes along the lines of: ” Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.”

In many ways, this is probably one of the most pertinent concepts for the work that I do, and the people I support to lose weight and develop a positive and healthy approach to their food intake and everyday diets.

While many people see food as being a purely physical thing which we use to gain sustenance, I’m always very conscious that you can’t separate our emotional and psychological responses to eating with the physical act, itself.

When most of us sit down to eat a meal, there’s a whole host of psychological processes going on which are much more powerful than simply sitting, and eating.

We have the social aspect of mealtimes, where families gather around the table and share their day, for example.

We have lunch out with friends, taking time to catch up over a shared meal, or the pleasure of going to the cinema and having a box of popcorn with a partner.

Much of our social interactions and what we do seems to revolve around the act of eating, showing that food is much more a part of our social, emotional and psychological make-up than merely being a way of gaining sustenance for survival.

This means that when we want to tackle issues such as difficulty in losing weight, challenges with making healthy food choices or reaching a plateau in our healthy eating regime, it’s critical to look at the psychological aspect of our approach to food, rather than just the physical evidence.

For example, someone who has an issue with eating lots of junk food at certain times of the day, is much more likely to be battling with a deeper problem than a simple craving for sugar, or a desire to eat. The psychological reasons behind our reaction, response, approach and attitude to eating can often be so powerful that they control our diets completely.

Why focussing just on the physical won’t change your weight

This is why when we’re looking to tackle long-term weight loss, it’s really important to take stock of our mindset, and work to put in place positive and powerful suggestions for beating old habits.

This could be through coaching, to encourage the individual to feel more confident about their personal strength, motivation and ability to succeed at their goal, or through hypnotherapy weight loss, replacing old food associations with more relevant and workable alternatives.

When someone succeeds in losing weight, a whole host of emotional rewards take place.

We feel proud of our achievement, we feel more confident about the way we look and feel, and we gain really strong motivation to continue with our healthy eating to carry on the positive feelings of success and strength that reaching our goal has brought.

For me, these emotions are the very crux of long-term weight loss success. It’s these feelings that we want to get to, and maintain, as they are the single most powerful tool in assisting each person to achieve the weight they always wanted, and then maintain it.

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss: Food for thought

It’s true what they say – if you free your mind, the rest will follow.

Your body is just a vehicle for all of the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs you have.

Because of this, you will always have absolute control over how your body behaves – because it’s your mind that tells it what food to consume, and what choices to make! This is why any coaching or hypnotherapy weight loss programme designed to help you lose weight will work directly with your mind (your thoughts, motivation, aspirations and determination to succeed, confidence and strength) rather than simply focussing on your body.

How to get the best results?

Feed your mind with positive suggestions, boost your confidence and your determination to succeed, and your body will be nourished accordingly!


  • I agree that the way to lose weight has a lot to do with the emotional AND the physical aspects of our lives. It’s the mind that makes people first develop an unhealthy relationship with food. If the problem starts there it should end there as well.

  • Steve

    As you know I have lost a fair bit of weight recently (with your help) and a lot of it is down to determination and my desire to change.

    I have noticed that after a few weeks of change…I am no longer controlled by food!


  • Hello Anne – Thank you for your comment. Yes, weight loss and weight control is driven by the mind set. Supporting clients to program their mind is absolutely critical.

  • Andrew – Thank you for your comment. Yes, I have really enjoyed supporting you and look forward to the before and after photographs. Your winning spirit is second to none. So pleased I helped.

  • It sure makes sense to me Steve. I have never had a weight problem and i believe that is because I have always liked my body and it works good for me. On the other hand when it comes to hubby he believe all he has to do is look at food and it puts weight on him. Wow low and behold I think he is right. I keep telling him he needs to change his thinking.

    Also I have found that when parents always make there kids clean there plates when they get older they do have more of a weight problem, since they were taught that there are starving kids in other countries. Food should never go to waste, so they better eat it. This in turn creates very bad eating habits.

    You are right that the mind has a lot to do with weight problems. Getting your mind straight gets your body straight.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Debbie you make a really good point. I have never understood the desire to make kids finish every scrap of food on their plate. When they are full, they are full. I agree with you totally. Often many clients mention these stories when I work with them. Thanks for commenting.

  • Food for thought. Interesting.

    I believe that everything begins from our mind. The physical world is just the reflection of our inner world.

    The same goes for money, relationship, health, family and career.

  • Hi Raymond, thank you for your comment. I am in total agreement. Everything we achieve is a result of the mind. Thoughts determine behaviour and actions which then delivers the result

  • So many people try and lose weight using diets and spending hours at the gym, only to put the weight back on again,. If people don’t address their emotional issues as well as their physical ones, they will probably continue to struggle with weight issues.

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