How To Improve Your Sleep With Hypnosis


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Did you know that on average, we Humans spend approximately one third of our entire life sleeping?

When you look at it as our most appealing and critical pastime, it’s not surprising that without it, we start to feel pretty rough, pretty quickly. Insomnia, an inability to sleep, is a major cause of illness and anxiety, with many people reporting reduced levels of capability, an affected immune system and enhanced stress as a result of poor sleep habits.

According to scientists, just seventeen hours of sustained wakefulness leads to a decrease in our cognitive performance which is the same as if we had a blood alcohol level of 0.05%. In effect, this means that without sleep, we end up being so impaired that we might as well have been drinking, because the effects on our capabilities are so similar!

Why are you not sleeping as well as you should be?

If you’re struggling with getting enough sleep, it’s a good idea to sit down for a few minutes and think about why this may be the case. New parents, for example, are expected to lose sleep as they look after their babies through the night. However, for people who have regular jobs without shift work, and go to bed in good time each evening, it’s expected that we should be getting around seven or eight hours of quality sleep.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’ll soon see the effects right across your personal and work life. You’ll feel more stressed, you’ll be much more susceptible to illness like colds and viruses, and you’ll probably find that you’re not performing as well at work. Insomnia is a really debilitating condition because all of the healing, dreaming and relaxation we rely on each night is reduced dramatically if we can’t get enough sleep.

Identifying some of the common triggers for poor sleep

Back in Victorian times before we had electric light, adults used to sleep for around nine or ten hours, and their sleep patterns changed as the seasons shifted. Nowadays, we use alarm clocks and work patterns to dictate how much sleep we get, and if worries or anxieties encroach on our sleep time, we can find ourselves struggling to get in to a relaxed enough state to allow sleep to come naturally.

If you’re struggling to sleep well, think about some of the factors that could be causing it.

Is your bedroom too light?

Is the temperature too hot or too cold?

Have you fallen in to a pattern of poor sleep as a result of having a new baby, which has stayed with you even though your child is now sleeping through the night?

Have you slipped in to a routine of drinking before you go to bed, which can hamper your ability to get a good night?

A proven, tested and positive way of getting a great night’s sleep

If all of your attempts to sleep are failing, it’s time to consider hypnosis.

The hypnosis process enables you to access proven techniques for relaxation and stress-reduction, eliminating your nightly anxieties and instead equipping you with some simple tools to help you drift off in to much-needed sleep. The process works with you to naturally and effectively re-set your sleep patterns and enable you to regain the sleep hygiene you deserve.

Hypnosis has been used for generations to promote natural and healthy sleep techniques without needing medication or sedatives. Non-addictive, non-invasive and a lovely experience, there’s no better way to get yourself back on track with your sleep patterns. In just one or two sessions, you’ll be sleeping soundly and deeply again, wondering how you ever had an issue in the first place!

If you would like to know how hypnotherapy could help improve your sleep patterns, then contact us:

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  • Hi Steve, I am going to have to book an appointment. I have had a knee injury caused by running last year. I have been unable to exercise and have subsequently been gaining weight.

  • Insomnia is hell. Hypnotherapy is something I never thought of, but I have heard great things about it for other maladies, I bet it works like gangbusters for Insomnia and troubled sleepless nights.


  • The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it has so many applications. I am often delighted when I see clients manage their debilitating condition after a few sessions of focused clinical hypnotherapy. Whether it is hypnosis for weight loss or hypnosis for Insomnia the results can be inspiring.

  • I agree on your idea Steve. Hypnotherapy is really powerful in managing variety of stress,depression, emotional problems, fears and etc. And the good thing about it is that Hypnotherapy can help you on how to be self determine in losing weight as well as viewing the good side or positive views of your life that makes you feel more comfortable and passive in dealing with everything.

    • Yes, it is the tool that supports thousands turn around their lives and embed positive beliefs. I always combine Hypnotherapy with motivational coaching to ensure clients have fun along the way. Often weight loss is perceived as an uphill struggle, however if the perception is that it is fun it makes it a lot easier.

  • Hi Steve,
    Great thoughts. I often find myself unable to sleep and am now thinking I should plug into pre-recorded hypnosis recordings.
    I have experimented with hypnosis in the past but haven’t thought about it recently – will have to try it again though.

  • It’s really good to have a goodnight sleep with no destruction. This is good for someone who struggle with insomnia, this will be a big help for them. I like this blog. Great advices. Thank you.

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