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Now it’s not every day you see such an incredibly inspiring result. But you can today. I was delighted to support this wonderful lady lose 10 stone using weight loss hypnosis and motivational coaching. Chrissy came across me via my television show and had heard me on the radio. We connected and she explained how she had been involved in an accident that left her with a disability. Chrissy’s world fell apart when she had the accident. Her confidence and self esteem took a hit and she was left with one rescuer – Food.


As time went on Chrissy found that eating too much meant that she piled on the weight. Before long she was looking and feeling a lot fatter. Her life was a spiral. She would sometimes feel low and then eat to lift her spirits. Struggling to break the cycle Chrissy turned to FATnosis, a combination of Mindset Programming, Motivational Coaching and 80-20 meal planning. Initially talking with Chrissy, I soon realised that she had hypnotised herself to believe that eating would fill the happiness void. Her subconscious mind had accepted that eating junk food, and too much of it, would make her feel better.

This is a common phenomena, although I have to be honest, many do use emotional eating as a convenient excuse. However in such genuine circumstances it is important to reverse the pattern of behaviour both mentally and behaviourally. I therefore set out inspiring and motivating Chrissy to modify her behaviour and to yes, despise fat and to love herself and her future more. Getting Chrissy to smile again was a joy. To be fair it didn’t take long for Chrissy to start winning the battle on Fat. She immediately implemented my recommended meal planning regime and started to use self hypnosis to control her eating habits.


‘I want you to hate Fat and love you’ I explained.

‘I also want you to realise you are too gorgeous to be fat’ I added.

‘And I want you to feel a disgust for Fat but a love for yourself slimmer’ I exclaimed.

The emotive suggestions were imperative in helping Chrissy turn her back on the Fat feeding habits. Cheesy quotes and wet limp suggestions would have had no impact whatsoever. You see, to make hypnosis for weight loss work, the very best Hypnotherapists will tailor their hypnotic suggestions to the client’s need. They will also construct suggestions that trigger the emotion because they help the client change their behaviours. They are more motivational.


An eager beaver Chrissy also took on board my recommendations to use self hypnosis. She used self hypnosis for weight loss as an SOS tool. Whenever she felt she was going to cave into food she would take herself off and do self hypnosis. This process helped her to regain control and increase her self motivation to carry on and remain focused. Self hypnosis is a tool I recommend you learn and practice yourself.

weight loss hypnosis


There are many applications of self hypnosis for weight but the main one is motivation.

There are 5 steps I recommend you follow.


Find somewhere safe and quiet where you will not be disturbed. Ensure you are not in any place of danger. Switch off your mobile phone. Sit on a chair, and sit tall. Close your eyes.


Mentally tell yourself that you are focused and that you are going to embed positive suggestions into your mind, all designed to motivate your mind to continue to lose and manage your weight. Continue to sit tall, but also deliberately smile. This is important because you want your body language to look motivated too.


Mentally count up from 1 to 10. With each ascending number affirm that you are becoming ten percent more motivated to lose and manage your weight. Use a strong volume within your mind. And really feel the motivation building. Remember to deliberately keep smiling.


With your eyes still closed, a smile slapped on your face and a spirit of motivation building, when you reach 10 I want you to affirm mentally the delight of being in control of food, motivated to continue, feeling a love for the slim not fat life. Really enjoy it! Make it as mentally loud and emotionally strong as possible. Do this for a couple of minutes.


Finally tell yourself that you will count up to 3 and that once you reach number 3 you will open your eyes ready to enjoy a fuelled motivated day ahead. When you reach number 3 take yourself away and enjoy the rest of your day being in control of your eating habits and massively enthused and motivated to live the slimmer life.

Of course as well as doing the self hypnosis for weight loss, you also need to carry out behavioural changes consciously. I recommend you exercise for pleasure not pain. Walking more, for example, is simple and less painful than most exercises. But do remember that weight loss really is about controlling your food and drink. It takes a lot of exercise to burn 100 calories. This is why many people now use weight loss hypnosis as a tool to get their mindset and motivation in the right place. When your emotional state is one of motivation, enthusiasm and positivity, you find it much easier to eat less, eat better and move more. Weight loss hypnotherapy can help to trigger that emotional state. But do remember that weight loss hypnosis and weight loss hypnotherapy is not a magic wand. You need to undertake it with a positive attitude and be willing to put the effort in yourself.

If you are interested in exploring how weight loss hypnosis can help you then check out my 1-1 programmes and my FATnosis Exclusive Academy. Full details can be found on the website.

Weight Loss is a battle of the mind. Chrissy won that battle. Be Inspired.

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