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You are probably reading this because you agree with me that losing weight is more about getting your head in the right place as opposed to focusing solely on diet. Over recent years the one tool that has become more acceptable to help you focus your mind to get the weight loss you need is Hypnosis. Weight loss hypnosis has grown in popularity over the last ten years, and one reason for that is the ever growing number of celebrities turning to weight loss hypnosis working with a weight loss Hypnotherapist over a number of sessions to help them get mind over the platter.


Weight loss hypnosis is a powerful process when delivered by a talented weight loss Hypnotherapist. However it cannot and must not be seen as a magic wand. It isn’t. But yes it can work well so long as a number of actions are taken before, during and after the weight loss hypnosis. I want to share with you a total of 21 ways to make your weight loss hypnosis effective. I encourage you to take these actions before, during and after your weight loss hypnosis process.


1. Find a talented weight loss Hypnotherapist. Shop around and make sure the rapport you have with your weight loss Hypnotherapist is strong because you will need to feel comfortable.

2. Get the foody bits sorted before you visit your weight loss Hypnotherapist. I recommend to all my clients that they do a healthy shop before they visit me. That way you are all ready to crack on with a new common sense, healthy eating regime.

3. Be positive and enthused. As much as the weight loss Hypnotherapist can help, they cannot lose the weight for you. Increase your own positivity about losing weight and be enthused. Let go of any fat moaning misery you are currently holding onto!

4. Plan a few outcome based goals. For instance select a new outfit that you will be wearing once the fat has melted; book in for a new hair style or perhaps treat yourself to a make up lesson knowing that you are going to have so much more reason to glam up!

5. Become a bit more selfish. This is your weight loss hypnosis programme and your transformational change. Let go of feeling guilty for putting yourself first and never be ashamed to give the two finger salute to anyone trying to sabotage your progress.

6. Think through what hypnotic suggestions you want planting into your mind. When you arrive to see your weight loss Hypnotherapist, explain to them the suggestions you’d like them to embed into your mind.

7. Have an open mind and enjoy it! As you head to your first session, go knowing that you’ll be working as part of a team with someone doing 50% of the work and you doing the other 50%. And be enthused!


8. At the first session, ensure you ask any questions that you have. Your weight loss Hypnotherapist will be keen to answer anything you have on your mind so that you can move forward together positively.

9. Make sure you explain to the weight loss Hypnotherapist the suggestions you want embedding into your unconscious mind. These suggestions might be around portion control, motivation and food choices. Or they might be around self esteem and confidence aligned to emotional eating. Weight loss hypnosis sessions should always be tailored to your needs so make sure you explain to your weight loss Hypnotherapist what you need.

10. Avoid the fight! In the sessions it is important you work with, rather than against your weight loss Hypnotherapist. You are a team and your weight loss Hypnotherapist is your cheer leader. Enjoy it and build a strong bond with your weight loss Hypnotherapist as you work together determined to get the result you want.

11. Never be afraid to share with your weight loss Hypnotherapist your challenges. Weight loss hypnosis suggestions can be edited so that the suggestions remain aligned to your specific needs. It’s essential your weight loss hypnosis sessions are tailored to your needs, so keep your weight loss Hypnotherapist up to date as you work with them.

12. Your weight loss Hypnotherapist may well engage with you whilst the weight loss hypnosis is taking place. Feel free to engage back as the actual weight loss hypnosis takes place. It’s not unusual for you to speak to the weight loss Hypnotherapist during the session of weight loss hypnosis. This helps steer the session and keep it on course.

13. Weight loss hypnosis sessions when conducted by a professional Hypnotherapist are safe. You can be assured that you are completely safe and secure during your sessions. However if you have any worries, just ask.

14. Weight loss Hypnotherapists use different tones when it comes to the delivery of weight loss hypnosis. Some use a relaxation tone and others like myself use a motivational tone. If during a session you feel you need the tone to change, make sure you request it happens. This again will help ensure the weight loss hypnosis suggestions are embedded into your unconscious mind for your benefit.


15. Be sure to take action on any ‘homework’ agreed with your weight loss Hypnotherapist. If you don’t then the process is likely to fail. Spending an hour a week with a weight loss Hypnotherapist isn’t a magic wand. You have to take action outside of the weight loss hypnosis session.

16. Live 80-20. When it comes to food, I recommend you use an 80-20 regime, eating healthily for 80% of the time and eating a bit of what you fancy for the remaining 20%. This will ensure you don’t feel completely denied of occasional ‘treats’.

17. Use creative portion control techniques. For example you may want to carry a former fat photo around with you and when you are tempted to cave into any craving, take a look at it and allow it to motivate you away from eating too much. You might also want to have this photo sat in front of you as you eat; so as you eat, let it remind you that you are eating more slowly and eating less to move away from the life of fat, and now moving forward to a life of slim and increased self esteem.

18. Do self hypnosis. Yes, you can do weight loss hypnosis on your own! Ask your weight loss Hypnotherapist how to do this. It is a very easy to do process and the more you do it, the more you will embed weight management habits into your mind.

19. Live like a slim person. As the positive weight loss hypnosis suggestions embed into your mind, deliberately live life as a slim person. In other words, execute practical actions a slim person takes to remain slim. This might include walking for an hour a day, being more consciously mindful of their eating habits and also having a healthy aversion to being too fat.

20. Stay enthused! If you experience a drop in motivation then snap out of it. Do this by deliberately having a word with yourself, changing your body language so that it becomes positive, and do something that makes you feel enthused about the future such as surfing the net looking at the clothes you’ll be wearing once the weight has dropped.

21. JFDI. Make it your mantra. Remember, your weight loss Hypnotherapist can deliver powerful weight loss hypnosis sessions but you also have to take action. So yes, use the mantra ‘Just F**king Do It’. And consistently remind yourself that you are too gorgeous to be fat!

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