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Working hard and living a busy life there are times when anxiety and tension build to such a degree that you probably feel like taking your mind out of your head, washing it, and putting it back in so you regain a sense of calm and confidence. As pressure builds you probably notice that your mind becomes fuzzy, racy, and you experience a range of physiological and psychological symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, short temper, loss of sense of humour, an increase in anxiety, reduced confidence and more. These symptoms can affect how well we execute our professional and personal responsibilities and it is therefore important to have a strategy that returns you to calm.

I now use a technique to help busy people rapidly release anxiety so that they can very quickly feel relaxed, focused, and confident to take on personal and professional challenges.

How Mind Massage works

Mind Massage works by soothing the mind using a hypnotherapeutic deep relaxation technique that takes around 50 minutes. The session is tailored directly to your individual needs.

During the session you will experience a very pleasant state that helps you to:

  • Relax each muscle of your body so that muscles loosen and the body calms
  • Soothe your mind by releasing the tension and anxiety the mind is carrying
  • Installing positive and empowering suggestions into your mind so that you can manage pressure more effectively

The Benefits of Mind Massage

Mind Massage brings a wide range of benefits including:

  • A relaxed and calm mind to help you focus on your personal and professional responsibilities
  • Increased feelings of being able to cope with challenges in both your personal and professional life
  • An immediate boost to your physical and psychological health

Who Uses Mind Massage?

People just like you! I have worked with a wide range of people including business executives, celebrities, sales professionals, directors, vets, administration staff, teachers, nurses, recruitment consultants, housewives and even politicians!

You can book a session of Mind Massage by clicking on the ‘buy now’ button below. Each session costs just £95.


  • You are a man after my own heart ! I am a Sports massage therapist and know only to well the benefits of Massage therapy for the physical body. What a fantastic concept to also include Massage for the mind, improving both the mind and body is a recipe for success! Well done !

    • Thanks for the post. Yes, when the mind is at rest it can absorb new programs that empower confidence and focus.

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