Mind Over Platter: Motivate Your Mind For Slimming Success

Anyone who has seen my TV show, will know by now that I have a very firm view on effective weight loss. I am a firm believer that strong motivation is the absolute fuel that drives people to succeed in their weight reduction goals.

I’ve worked with so many people over the years who have achieved fantastic results, mainly down to the fact that they really do have the faith in themselves to succeed, and a really strong and positive motivation to get the results they are looking for.

Why conventional diets don’t work

The fact is, when your mindset is in the right place, and you’re willing to give your weight loss programme one hundred percent, losing weight becomes very easy.

So, knowing this, how come so many people who go on diets report that even after doing well for a while, as soon as they give up on their healthy eating plan, they actually regain more weight than they lost?

I think the problem is that for many of us, diets can actually be the straitjacket that makes being fat more appealing!

By this, I mean that the very act of ‘going on a diet’ suddenly pushes our brains in to a state of single-minded dread, whereby we spend every waking moment (and possibly dreaming too), thinking about food.

How much we can eat.

What we can eat.

When we can eat it.

This is why yo-yo dieters tend to restrict foods too much for a few days, go through the misery of calorie reduction and excessive denial, and then lose motivation.

They then go on to overcompensate for having starved themselves – subsequently piling on more pounds!

How to lose weight for long-term success

There’s one simple key to losing weight and maintaining the weight loss long-term.

This is lifelong motivation, and control over your eating habits. If you master this basic tenet, the rest follows more easily than a dessert after main course.

I work differently to many weight-loss hypnotherapists / coaches out there.

Instead of pushing you on to a fad diet, and giving you all sorts of fad methods for shifting the pounds, I’ll work with you to eliminate all of the excuses for not losing weight.

I’m on your side, and I won’t allow you to use the excuses that have stopped you from being the person you have always wanted to be.

When I work with you, I’ll take you through a simple and highly effective process for controlling your food intake. There are just three elements which you need in order to control your food:

1. Fill your mind with activities that take your mind away from thinking about food

2. Programme and affirm your mind to understand that you are firmly in control of your eating habits

3. Get excited about what your new life is becoming as you lose the unwanted weight.

These three simple steps will absolutely transform the way you approach your weight loss goals.

By positioning your mindset to succeed, instead of simply being preoccupied with the thought of denial and food restrictions, you’ll be placing your mind in exactly the right frame to let the unwanted weight melt away.

When you’re focussed on positive outcomes, your craving for food reduces and you eat less.

Above all, when you’re excited about the positive changes coming to you, your motivation will rocket, and your determination won’t waver as you start a future of being slim, healthy and super-confident.

If you’d like to keep your weight off for good, read more details about my hypnotherapy weight loss programme by clicking on the link below:

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  • You’re right Steve, conventional diets don’t work. A lot of the answer lies with motivation and helping the person want to change from the inside out. In my day job I use Motivational Enhancement Therapy which is based on Motivational Interviewing. This is also an effective way for problem drinkers to motivate themselves to cut down.
    What do you think about gastric bands by the way?
    Great website, keep up the nice work here,

  • Positive thoughts! Thats the most important. If you want to be successful or motivated than you should change your thoughts and do it, without any excuse. Great post, thanks for sharing.

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