Do You Want To Receive My Full Straight Talking Supportive Mindset & Motivation
Weight Loss Solution?

Are You Tired Of Trying To Lose Weight
Via A Restricted Diet Or
Depressing Weight Loss Group?

Would You Like To Receive My Weekly Weight Loss Motivation
Support Online & Join My V.I.P Private Weight Loss Hub?


What You Will Receive With My Weight Loss Motivation Programme…

  1. Every week you will receive a module from me that combines an e-guide and video helping you to lose and manage your weight.

  1. Access to my private V.I.P Facebook hub for six weeks, providing you with further weekly support to help keep you on track.

  1. An opportunity to implement a number of practical actions to help program your mind and elevate your motivation to lose weight.


Module 1:
Mindset Motivation

  • Learn how to get your motivation elevated so that you trigger your weight loss immediately.
  • Use my top motivational recommendations to help ensure your motivation is maintained.
  • Increase your motivation using my straight talking and supportive motivational tools.

Module 2:
My 80/20 Meal Plan Regime

  • Learn to apply the 80/20 meal planning regime for your life so that you avoid rigid diets.
  • Receive a range of 80/20 meal plan examples to help you embed the 80/20 routine.
  • Receive my wide range of portion control techniques to help you immediately eat less.

Module 3:
Eliminate Emotional Eating

  • Understand how to control emotional eating immediately and for the long haul.
  • Receive 10 techniques to help curb emotional eating so you continue to lose weight.
  • Learn how to use the power of your mind so that you manage emotional eating.

Module 4:
Mindset Techniques That Help You Eat Less & Eat Better

  • Receive my personal and proven guidance on how to program your mind to eat less and eat better.
  • Take away my mind programming techniques that help you condition your mind to lose and manage your weight.
  • Learn how to use the power of your mind to sustain your motivation levels for the short and long term.

Module 5:
Boost Your Confidence &
Self Esteem

  • Understand how your confidence and self esteem can have a direct impact on your weight.
  • Take away my 10 confidence secrets that will help you increase your confidence immediately.
  • Learn how to embed and increase the belief in yourself so that you rely less on food for comfort.

Module 6:
Managing Your Weight For The Long Term

  • Take away my 3 practical actions to ensure you keep the weight off and manage it long term.
  • Receive my motivational techniques to help you manage your weight for the long haul so that you remain slim.
  • Learn how to use SOS mind warning techniques so that you are immediately back in control of your weight when needed.

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The Big Time Benefits...

  1. Receive all of this and learn from the comfort of your own home at any time without any external pressure.

  1. Your Online 6 Week Weight Loss Motivation Programme also includes access to my VIP Weight Loss Hub. Email me direct for access once you have joined the programme. There you will be able to ask me questions relating to the content of the programme and receive additional live support.

  1. Enjoy losing weight without rigid dieting by getting your mind and motivation in the right place.



In this once only opportunity you will also have the opportunity to join my V.I.P SECRET WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION HUB ON FACEBOOK.

This is a Secret Hub that no-one can see publically except those that I invite to join it. In the Hub you will receive support from my and my Mentors.

YES...I Do Want To Receive Your Full Straight Talking Supportive Mindset &
Motivation Weight Loss Solution

YES...I AM Tired Of Trying To Lose Weight Via A Restricted Diet AND Depressing Weight Loss Group

YES...I Want To Receive Your Weekly Support Online &
Join Your V.I.P Private Weight Loss Hub

YES YES YES! Join us today because you will probably NOT find a better and more POWERFUL Mindset & motivational Weight Loss Solution!
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Please read terms and conditions before confirming purchase.


  1. Access to the V.I.P Weight Loss Motivation Facebook Hub will be granted to all participants on the 6 week programme.
  2. Once a place is reserved no refunds will be issued. We reserve the right to terminate a participant’s membership without reason.
  3. Where termination of a participant’s membership to the programme is undertaken, a pro rata refund will be issued.
  4. Participants are requested to forward their Facebook email address so that invitation can be sent for Facebook membership.
  5. Participants by signing up agree to comply with the terms of the V.I.P Facebook group as posted within the group itself.
  6. Your Weight Loss Master accepts no responsibility for an individual participant’s weight loss result.
  7. Your Weight Loss Master accepts no responsibility for a participant’s individual technology matters.
  8. Participants accept that they will consult their GP where a participant requires support for clinical conditions.
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