Overcoming Compulsive Eating With Hypnotherapy

It is often the condition that prevents those wishing to lose weight from doing so. Compulsive eating is for many the addiction to food. I myself once struggled with this condition and I was astonished how at times to be eating out of consciousness. I would sit on the sofa eating crisps, sweets, and other foods without even being aware of my actions. Grazing behaviour is also associated with compulsive eating because the mind is conditioned to eat foods frequently during the day. Of course people often eat to make themselves feel better but it ends up making them feel worse, triggering associated anxiety, so the secret is in breaking the cycle.

How Hypnotherapy helps

The process of hypnotherapy works by removing the trigger of what I will term unconscious eating, in other words eating out of awareness, as well as the constant desire to eat foods to feel better. Hypnotherapy will help to remove the trigger and replace it with something more appropriate so that the constant need to eat food is reduced. It is very much like replacing an old computer program for one that is more effective.
During the sessions of hypnotherapy you will also be given positive suggestions to help increase your level of self esteem so that you feel better about yourself resulting in less need to satisfy yourself emotionally with food.
Clients usually attend between 3 and 6 sessions for this condition. Typically a 3 session treatment will include:-

Session 1

  • Full case history is taken
  • Hypnotherapy session usually tailored to treat the trigger
  • Teaching self hypnosis: You are taught self hypnosis
  • Meal plan suggestions and lifestyle change plan agreed

Session 2

  • Full review of progress
  • Hypnotherapy session to embed the new behaviour to take control over eating
  • Hypnotherapy session to include esteem building for the new life ahead

Session 3

  • Full review of progress
  • Hypnotherapy session to increase the strength of control over eating patterns
  • Action plan to ensure control over eating continues moving forward

About Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Distinction Graduate of the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. He is a published author and specialises in weight control and anxiety issues. He has been in private practice for over 10 years and his work has been featured internationally. He is currently completing his MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy.
For further information email hello@stevemillerhypnotherapy.co.uk

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