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It’s all in the mind…

Having supported thousands of people to lose weight there is one thing that 99% of my clients always share with me; they tell me it is all in the mind. Most have tried restricted diets only to find that the weight piles back and misery returns. Have you been there too?

As you probably know I am not an advocate of restricted diets because before long you feel as though you are living in a straight jacket. Indeed restricted diets make you think about food even more. Denial is doomed and mentally you probably find that you crave into junk food more than ever.

The secret is to regain control

With all my clients the goal is to regain control over food and develop a lifestyle plan that conditions the mind to eat less and eat better. Hypnotherapy and coaching help to do this by developing new habits so that a pre-occupation with food reduces and other aspects of life become more interesting and important.

Here are my top 5 strategies to gain control over food so that you eat less and eat better:-

  1. Ditch excuses: let go of any excuses that you have held onto as these will crush your weight loss
  2. Get excited: align your weight loss to an end result that truly motivates your focus
  3. Learn self hypnosis: a qualified clinical hypnotherapist will teach you how to use this tool
  4. Occupy the mind: bring into life new interests and goals so that food becomes less important
  5. Learn to manage cravings: condition your mind to automatically do something else rather than automatically reaching for food

Miller Motivation

Without motivation your weight loss will stall. Working with clients I always develop a motivation plan as this will help drive and ignite the passion to lose weight and keep it off. Begin thinking about your true motivation for losing weight and make these motivating factors your focus.

How Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Works

Clinical Hypnotherapy for weight loss will help you gain a focused concentration to control food so that you eat less and eat better without having to embark on a rigid diet. The hypnotherapy will also embed new beliefs about food and increase your motivation and optimism about losing the unwanted weight for good.

In summary hypnotherapy will do 3 things:-

  1. Help you to eat less and eat better by affirming the belief that you have regained control over food.
  2. Increase your motivation to lose weight by programming and focusing your mind to be excited about your weight loss.
  3. Support your mental strength to continue your weight loss for the long haul and to help keep it off once you have lost it.

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  • Determination is surely needed for weight loss. Coz some of the stuff involved in the whole process is not always pleasurable. So its very important that we stay motivated and determined to reach the goal. Having buddies who share similar goals and keeping account of each other will help.

  • That is very true. A determined mind is a pre-requisite. Hypnotherapy helps to provide that motivation and with friends to ‘cheer’ you along the way we are in a much better position to lose the unwanted weight and of course keep it off as we move forward.

  • Losing weight is one of the most difficult task for every person.. But when you’re determined, you can easily lose weight.. Every one knows the key factors to lose weight quickly…

    Avoid junk food, avoid soda drinks, avoid alcohol, start running daily, eat more fruits, eat less but frequently to increase your metabolism.

    I did lost 53 pounds in 5 months by following these 🙂

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