This Is How You Could Be Slim For Good

How many times have you set a date to start your new healthy eating regime, done all of your preparation in terms of clearing out the refrigerator, getting encouragement from friends and family, eating your way through the junk in the cupboard to get rid of it…and then simply not managed to start your new plan?

This is a really common situation for so many people, it’s a wonder that anyone manages to lose weight at all!

The many excuses people come up with, to fail

Procrastination for lifestyle changes is probably the single biggest factor that stands between success, and failure.

If we never attempt to do the things we know we should, it means we can never actually succeed at them at all.

Take a look at some of the many excuses I often hear as a weight loss hypnotherapist, when I talk to clients about why they didn’t get off the starting blocks with their healthy eating plan:

“I can only start something new on a Monday”

“I had a friend’s birthday coming up, so I needed to wait until after that”

“I’ve had a hard week and I simply couldn’t face it”

“I’ve had a really bad cold, so I couldn’t start the plan until after I’d shifted it”

“I don’t have the time to dedicate to a lifestyle change right now”

“I know I’m going to fail, so why bother putting myself through the pain?”

“I’ve not been paid yet, so I can’t buy any healthy foods”

“I had an argument with my partner, and it put me off trying”

“I’m not sure I even want to lose all this weight. I wouldn’t recognise myself anymore”

“My husband/wife says he likes me just the way I am”

“I know I should have started the plan, but I had too much to do”

“There was too much nice food in the house and it didn’t make sense to start the plan right now”

“I’ve given up smoking, so I need to eat to replace the nicotine cravings”

“I’ve heard that healthy eating can give you all sorts of issues like headaches and irritability”

“I’m addicted to sugar/crisps/sweets/chocolate bars/donuts”

“My kids need all this food in the house, so I can’t change our diets or they’ll be really annoyed with me”…

…and on it goes.

It seems that for every positive reason people may have for losing weight and getting the confidence, body shape and energy they always dreamed of, there are a hundred other negative excuses waiting in the wings to jump out and sabotage us before we even get started.

The temptation to give up, before we’ve even started

The problem with Human beings is that we just love to procrastinate.

The old adage ‘Why put off until tomorrow something you could do today” doesn’t seem to hold any relevance when it comes to losing weight.

As soon as we decide we’re going to kick-start our new life through positive food choices, our brains immediately start to protest really loudly with a number of reasons why it’s not a great idea.

Instead of shoving these thoughts to the side, where they belong, many of us simply nod our heads, agree with the evil inner monologue that is trying to dissuade us from our goal, and decide not to bother reaching for the goals we really long to achieve.

To get the shape you always wanted, boost your energy and achieve long-term weight loss success, you need to change.

You can’t do the same things that you have done day in, day out, all your life and hope that some miracle will happen all by itself. You’re not going to lose weight and get healthy, unless you actively change your eating habits, and boost your motivation to succeed.

Crushing the evil voice that dooms you to failure

So, the next time your evil inner pessimist starts to discourage you from achieving your goal, try hitting back with some real, proven and irrefutable evidence that shows the many benefits of what you are about to do:

“I’ll feel really proud of myself when I achieve just one day on the new plan”

“As my eating habits change, I’ll get loads more energy and feel less lethargic all the time”

“The success from this one small step will lead to positive changes across my whole life, when I know I have the strength to succeed”

“Friends and family will start commenting on how great I look”

“I’ll feel so much more confident about my self-image”

“My complexion will improve, and I’ll get my old sparkle back”

“My mood swings will disappear and I’ll smash those afternoon slumps once and for all”

“I’ll be making amazing changes to my body, reducing the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes for life!”

“I’ll look great for that summer holiday we’ve just booked”

“I’ll be able to fit back in to those jeans at the bottom of my wardrobe at last!”

“I’m going to feel immensely confident because of the changes in my body, and the evidence that I can achieve what I set my mind to”.

These are much better phrases to use, when you start to give in to the usual rumblings in the back of your mind, encouraging you to fail.

Remember that if you do everything the way you always have, all you’ll ever get is what you have right now.

Do whatever it takes to succeed in your goal.

You’ll be feeling proud, exhilarated, confident and looking great in no time at all!


  • Hi Suzy – yes I think weight loss using hypnotherapy as a main tool is important. However I always advise on additional motivational tools so that the client has a range of options to ensure their motivation and focus is maintained. Mind set and motivation are always key for anyone looking to control their weight .

  • Steve

    The excuses!

    Some ‘same old ones’, some new and some surprizing.

    Re: “My kids need all this food in the house, so I can’t change our diets or they’ll be really annoyed with me”

    That’s why we have so many obese kids around!

    For me, the desire to change has to be bigger than the desire for eating unhealthy food.

    I picture of me looking fab on the fridge doors reminds me!


  • Yes, there are many excuses that people use as human beings. It is linked to denial as we don’t want to fail and sometimes the excuse makes it so much easier to permit the status quo. I agree upfront with all clients that we will ditch excuses.

  • Great post Steve,

    People use lots of excuses, and I am always interested in what the underlying reasons are for procrastinating. We can give people all the facts of why they should lose weight as well as the benefits, but until they really want to make the changes, it wont happen. All we can do is be there for them – when they are ready.

    Thanks for the article. Wendy

  • Isn’t it amaxing the excuses people can up with for not changing something that needs to be changed. I am one of those people that have trouble keeping weight on. I have to remind myself I need to eat. Now hubby is another story. He uses the excuse, I’ve always had a weight problem, what ever I eat puts weight on me.’ I keep telling him if that is what he thinks that is exactly what is going to happen.

    Sometimes I buy myself goodies, but hide them, because if he knows they are there he will eat them.
    I have finally give up, because I realize it has to be his dicussion.

  • Yes so many. As a weight control professional I ban excuses from the start. Clients know I will not tolerate them. Then it is full steam ahead ditching the weight and building the confidence.

  • Very well expressed, Steve. This is exactly how I stay at a healthy weight. I don’t wait to start something. I live the healthy lifestyle right now. This means there isn’t a NEED for a diet. Portion control every day vital.

    I liked the fact that you pointed out: ‘you can’t do the same old thing everyday and expect some miracle to suddenly happen to change your life’. Einstein said that we can’t do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

    This is great encouragement to those who want to become and stay healthy.

  • Hi Steve,
    I hate dieting and I’ll use every excuse in the book to resist giving up my favorite foods. Until I have a real goal and real determination, all my efforts are all just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic — a real waste of time. Dieting is a challenge. Each of us needs someone in our corner gently urging us to persevere towards our weight loss goals.

  • Hi,

    I have my fair share of excuse too and I feel like this post is written directly to me. 🙂

    I operate a tutoring centre and we celebrates a lot of events throughout the year, thus my plan always fail. *Sigh*

    That’s for your inspiring post.

  • Thank you for the comments everyone. Yes, excuses stand in the way and it is imperative they are eliminated. I am not a fan of diets as such. I train my clients mind to take control of eating using hypnotherapy and motivational coaching. It is wonderful to have your interaction.

  • I have a lot of excuses, some are actual reasons, but a lot are excuses that I need to get over and move on. I have had great success in the past and know it’ll be fine once I start. However i don’t believe in dieting – just having a healthy diet!

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