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Yes it’s me, Weight Loss Master Steve Miller, who wants you to succeed. And ok the title of my Blog (A Steve Miller Weight Loss Warning – 3 Fat Fraudulent Weight Loss Messages) may sound a little dramatic, but I truly believe that there are so many messages out there that are fraudulent when it comes to weight loss. Yes, messages that you have to do so many ridiculous things to start losing the pounds / Kilos to become slim again, but more worrying are the ridiculous myths that perpetuate excuse living.

These are messages that I Steve Miller often warn people about, whether that be in my consulting room or when I walk the dog chatting to people as I experience the fresh air on my very high forehead. Yes, I keep getting reminded of my rather long head, but it had to be this way given the size of my beautiful brain.


1. You Can’t Eat Any ‘Junk Food’ And You Need To ‘Be Good’! Grrrr!

Quite frankly that’s nonsense! Do all healthy slim people yell a consistent ‘No’ when asked if they’d like a piece of gateau? I don’t think so. You see denying yourself a bit of what you fancy is a recipe for disaster. You can’t live life in a straight jacket, and denying yourself occasional ‘treats’ will just make your life miserable. This is why I, Steve Miller endorse the 80-20 meal planning system, where you eat healthily for 80% of the time and eat a bit of what you fancy for the remaining 20% of the time.

You see, living life this way, makes life liveable. I also encourage you to ‘bank’ calories for that special night out and plan your 80-20 week carefully. For example, you might live life eating healthily Monday to Friday and then have a bottle of wine, a take away and ice cream over the weekend.

I also want you to embrace the 80-20 meal planning regime long term. Personally, I believe it is the most sustainable way to keep the weight off long term once you have lost it. Reflect upon what your intake is right now and then adjust it so that it aligns to the 80-20 rule.

And…….remember when you hear those awful weight loss messages of ‘are you being good’, raise your eyes in despair as you know the reality is that you can eat some ‘junk’ and still lose weight. You’re not a rabbit! So treat yourself to the odd burger, chips and a bottle of wine to wash it all down!

2. Weight Loss Hypnosis Alone Will Do It.

No! It is true that I Steve Miller use weight loss hypnosis but would I ever claim that hypnosis alone would get the weight off? Never. I inform clients that in addition to the Steve Miller weight loss hypnosis they’ll receive, they also need to make behavioural changes outside of the ‘trance’ state that they experience whilst in hypnosis.

Several years ago whilst on holiday one lady said to me ‘so does Steve Miller weight loss hypnosis do the job?’ I replied calmly explaining that in addition to the weight loss hypnosis, the lady would need to make some practical lifestyle and behavioural changes. She was disappointed thinking that the weight loss hypnosis alone would do the job for her and that she wouldn’t have to do much else so she carried on necking the Prosecco and nibbled on her nuts.

Yes weight loss hypnosis will massively help, but it isn’t a stand alone solution. Behavioural changes such as walking a little more or terminating unhappy relationships that make you eat too much have to also get sorted out.

The Steve Miller weight loss hypnosis solution as you probably know by now is just one element. Of equal importance are motivational interventions and embracing the 80-20 meal planning regime.

3. It’s Too Expensive To Eat Healthy Food.

Oh here we go again! This is one excuse I hear frequently. Yes, I appreciate that junk food is much more affordable than it used to be but look closely and you will find that it is equally affordable and indeed sometimes even cheaper to buy healthier foods.

The Institute For Economic Affairs used data from two leading supermarkets and found that it was indeed cheaper to eat healthily than it was to make junk food purchases. Visit the markets, shop at the supermarket towards the end of the day, consider growing your own and you will find it doesn’t have to be expensive to eat healthily.

Commenting on the findings of the report Christopher Snowden, head of Lifestyle Economics at the IEA said ‘a diet of muesli, rice, white meat, fruit and vegetables is much cheaper than a diet of Coco Pops, ready meals, red meat, sugary drinks and fast food’.


That is the question I pose all the time. The national agenda is packed full of debates around obesity as the UK continues to stuff it’s belly. Of course exceptions do occur; I get that. But whilst we allow such fraudulent messages to exist, permission to make excuses for being fat continue and the end result won’t be nice.

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