I have a hunger. A hunger to help people in distress because of their weight. With the obesity epidemic spiralling out of control I think it can be reasonably assumed that traditional diets just don’t work. Millions of people embark upon on a rigid diet every day in the hope that it will help them shift the pounds. Of course, some diets may work well, but I hear more and more people reporting that they need support with their will power, and that getting their mind in the right place is a priority. Oddly I find the vast majority of people know what they should eat to lose weight. I believe that knowing what to eat to lose weight for most overweight people is common sense. What they seem to struggle with is the mindset and motivational requirement that weight loss demands.

Helping people with their weight loss using a combination of mind programming, motivation, sensible eating and exercise seems to be what really matter. I call it the multi-disciplinary approach to weight loss. In other words, bringing together a combined set of protocols to help people lose weight.


Several years ago I took time out to write down a set of principles for weight loss. Indeed, having been fat myself, I understood the physical and emotional pain of being overweight. I identified five core principles. I call them the Steve Miller Weight Loss principles, namely:-

  1. Taking ownership, being excuse free and acknowledging the need to own one’s body.
  2. Making weight loss an aspirational process as opposed to one that is deemed depressing and miserable.
  3. Aligning weight loss to life goals. In other words, ensuring that weight loss is linked to what’s important for the individual.
  4. Ensuring the weight loss process incorporates a mindset and motivational focus.
  5. Keeping food choices and exercise straightforward and simple.


You may be wondering if the Steve Miller Weight Loss principles achieve results. Well at times I know I am a little direct and yes I advocate tough love as I apply my principles, but it does seem to work with most. If you are reading this and wondering if you could ever lose the weight that gets you down so much then my message is – of course you can! A combination of hypnosis and motivational support can really help you. I call it FATnosis. This article illustrates that weight loss is always possible and the article will certainly inspire and give you a sense of real optimism.


I apply many tools when I help people to lose weight. Whilst hypnosis for weight loss can certainly help, experience tells me that additional tools and strategies are required to trigger behavioural change. There are 3 actions that I encourage you to take right now. I will call these the ‘springboard’ to immediate weight loss. In other words those first actions you should take so that you can lose weight, but also maintain a healthy weight into the future:-

  1. Rather than going on a diet, I encourage you to begin living 80-20. In other words, look at how you eat right now and then adjust your habits so that you eat healthily 80% of the time and have a bit of what you fancy for the remaining 20% of the time. This will save you feeling deprived. Yes, Steve Miller advocates eating well but never denying yourself completely of a treat because that is far too straight jacket in approach which probably means you will give up quickly.
  2. Implement what I call the STOP – LOOK -LISTEN approach when it comes to weight loss. The Steve Miller STOP – LOOK – LISTEN tool encourages you to stop in your tracks as soon as you notice that you are going to cave into food when you shouldn’t. You then look at the action you are about to take and become mindful. Then listen to your internal dialogue as you ask yourself ‘what will be the consequences of my actions?’ Finally walk away and deliberately ensure your body language is positive and yells ‘WINNER’ as you take your mind into something non food related.
  3. I encourage you to be enthused! In other words, I want you to become excited about your weight loss and about the ultimate results. As mentioned, weight loss must not be deemed a chore. It needs to fill you with an inner sense of positive change and one that is not at all depressing. If you struggle with emotional eating then start being aware of the triggers and take an immediate SOS action as soon as you notice that you are about to give food the power. Emotional, or stress eating as it is called, is a challenge for some people. If you struggle with this then take a look at this post I prepared which will offer you 10 ways to manage emotional eating:-


People often ask me what needs to be done long term so that they keep the weight off once they have achieved an ideal weight. There is of course not one simple answer to that question. Some people have medical challenges but those may be overcome so you still have room for optimism. Also, metabolisms differ so what works for one person isn’t going to work for another. But there can be no excuse! Weight loss and weight management is possible for us all but the interventions needed will differ.

The Steve Miller Weight Loss Rule (if I had to choose one) for long term sustainability is to embrace the 80-20 lifestyle, implement consistent motivational tools and ensure you condition your mind to control your food habits. Ok that was more like 3 rules! And they relate to the FATnosis model of weight loss.

Do you have a particular challenge? If so I would love to hear from you so please comment.

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