If you are wondering what daily routine you should adopt to lose weight, then I am here to help you. Weight loss to me is all about building a new routine, but that routine has to make you feel inspired, energised and massively motivated. It has to be one that ignites the passion within you to stay on track losing the unwanted weight. From the moment you get out of bed in the morning to the moment you go to sleep at night, it’s essential that your routine makes you feel determined and positive. Steve Miller weight loss is all about sustainability.


I want to share with you the Steve Miller Warning when it comes to diets. In fact I have six warnings when it comes to contemplating restrictive diets. You see, a diet suffocates and controls you whereas I want you to control ‘it’. ‘It’ being the food. This is why the Steve Miller weight loss message is that you deliberately carry out a number of daily actions that eventually become positive healthy habits.

1. Diets might depress. The amount of people I speak to that are currently on diets and feeling depressed is immense. So, the Steve Miller Warning here is to be cautious because diets can depress you. The last thing you want to feel is even more struggle in your desire to lose weight. This is why the Steve Miller weight loss message is that you incorporate a number of actions that will take you towards the weight loss goal.

2. Diets restrict a social life. I don’t want you feeling that you can’t enjoy going out for drinks with friends. This is why I encourage you to follow an 80-20 regime, eating healthily 80% of the time and eating a little of what you fancy for the remaining 20%. That way you can kind of ‘bank’ the calories for that special night out.

3. Diets can be terribly unhealthy. There are some diets that prevent you from eating certain nutrients, so I warn you strongly against undertaking a diet that may restrict you from eating the essentials of good health. So, this Steve Miller Warning is all about making sure you eat nutritional essentials and never deny yourself of them.

4. Diets fail to treat the overweight cause. When did a diet manage one’s emotional eating issue? This is a big Steve Miller Warning. Yes, the answer is probably, never. Arguably one could of course say that a diet may help someone to lose weight so that they automatically feel less negative emotion, however experience tells me that it is rare. It is important you deal with the mindset and motivational issues because those two factors will determine your behaviour around food. Remember the big goal is for you to control the food rather than the food controlling you. So, the Steve Miller Warning here is to recognise that diets rarely, if ever, will treat the underlying emotive cause of being too fat.

5. Diets can be expensive! This is a further big Steve Miller Warning. Certain diets can be exceptionally expensive compared to sensible eating. Do research and you may well find that many commercial diets will cost you more than you may have initially thought. Oddly research informs us that eating healthily is cheaper than eating junk food as found by the Institute Of Economic affairs. So, the Steve Miller weight loss message here is that it doesn’t have to be expensive to eat healthily.

6. Diets often have no long term plan. Remember losing weight today must also mean the management of the weight tomorrow. My final Steve Miller Warning aligns to long term sustainability. If you are thinking of a diet right now, ask yourself the question, ‘can I live like this long term?’ The answer may well be a resounding ‘No’. In that case I recommend you bin it. Instead adopt the 80-20 rule so that you can live life diet straightjacket free.

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There are my six big Steve Miller Weight Loss Warning signs aligned to rigid diets. So, what should you do? Earlier on I mentioned building a daily routine; one that creates inspiration to execute the behaviours needed to lose weight and keep that weight off.

With the Steve Miller Warnings digested, I now want you to consider the following five Steve Miller weight loss recommendations for daily living that are designed to help focus your mind and ensure your weight loss motivation is strong.


Weight loss hypnosis or hypnotherapy can be defined as a process to condition the mind to eat less, eat better and move more. As soon as you awake, I recommend you remind yourself mentally of all the healthy and appropriate weight loss actions you will take that day. Weight loss hypnosis doesn’t mean your eyes have to be closed. In fact, I believe weight loss hypnosis is not a state of eyelids. When safe to do so, simply see, hear and feel the healthy habits you will execute that day and allow it to sink deeply into your mind for a few minutes.

So yes, Steve Miller weight loss hypnosis can help. For more information on how Steve Miller hypnosis for weight loss can help, take a look at this link:


In other words, I want you to behave like a winner, someone that is winning the battle against fat. Ensure that you stand tall, smile, and use confident body language. As you do this, remind yourself mentally that you are firmly in control of food and that you are enthused about a future of personal transformation. Consistently doing this will help to condition your positive focus to lose and manage your weight. Remember Steve Miller weight loss is all about mindset and motivation, hence why the protocol is known as FATnosis. If at first you struggle to do the power pose then act ‘as if’ you are doing it and before long you will be comfortable in using it. Trust me, if you can do this then your positive attitude towards losing weight will be so much stronger.


During the day, I want you to deliberately go out of your way to look at what’s aligned to your weight loss. For example, if there are certain clothes that you want to wear once you have lost the weight, then go onto the Internet and look at them. Maybe a holiday is a focus so again, look at the brochures on or offline. If dating will be on the agenda when you have lost weight then perhaps take a look at some of the profiles on the dating site of your choice. The message here is to make sure you associate as much as possible during the day with things that are important and aligned to your weight loss mission.


Creating a healthy aversion to being fat can really help. Remember that motivation is about moving ‘towards’ achieving something but also about moving ‘away’ from something you no longer want. So, the Steve Miller weight loss message here is to encourage you to look at old fat photos, pay attention to fat people’s habits and look at the outsize clothes that you never want to wear again. You can use this method when for example your cravings are too high or on a night out when you want to control your alcohol intake.


Pay attention to how most people talk about weight loss and you’ll notice that on the whole it is not too exciting. The Steve Miller weight loss message here is to encourage you to talk to people during the day about how easy you are finding your weight loss process and how enthused you are about the transformational change. You see, I want you to have a consistent perception that weight loss is not a chore but a challenge you relish.

These actions have certainly helped many of those I have worked with to lose weight. They agree that the Steve Miller Warning messages aligned to diets are spot on and that taking action to get their mindset and motivation in the right place was so much more important than undertaking a rigid and restricted diet.

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I encourage you to send me questions or add your own comments. Remember that the Steve Miller weight loss message is that you are too gorgeous to be fat. If you are wondering if you can do it like many of my clients have – of course you can!

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