Supreme Self Esteem

Are you looking for a shot of self esteem so that you rate yourself higher?

Do you eat for comfort because you feel low self worth?

Is self esteem the gap that you are experiencing right now?

Supreme Self Esteem Is Here To Help You

Supporting Dee to lose weight by using Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis was an honour. In total Dee has lost an incredible 20 stone in weight.

The Big Time Benefits Of Your Supreme
Self Esteem Programme

  • Begin to elevate your self esteem so that you take back the control over food.
  • Learn how to take action to increase your self confidence in a number of situations.
  • Lose weight by increasing your own self worth.
  • Understand how to build your self esteem for the long haul.
  • Receive my MP3 support audios to positively condition self esteem into your mind.

Joelle’s transformation is incredible as she works with me on my Mindset and Motivation programme. Looking fabulously GLAM!

What You Will Receive

You will receive support over three weeks.

So……..The Tools You Will Receive Include:-

  • E-Guide Booklet “10 Immediate Actions To Increase Your Self Esteem”
  • MP3 Audio: “Your Self Esteem Mind Programmer”
  • E-Guide: “How To Hypnotise Your Mind Confidence”
  • Online Video: “Discharging Negative Thinking”
  • E-Guide: “Monthly Actions For Supreme Self Esteem”
  • MP3 Audio: “Your SOS Confidence Mind Booster”

Week 1: Building Immediate Self Esteem

  • 10 actions that will immediately increase your self esteem
  • How to unconsciously build your self esteem to ensure longevity
  • Implementing change to elevate self esteem

Week 2: Programming Your Mind For Increased Self Esteem

  • The fundamentals of how to hypnotise your mind to increase self esteem
  • How to use the MP3 audio to increase your self esteem
  • 3 key actions to take daily to increase your self esteem

Week 3: Long Term Self Esteem

  • How to dissociate negative thinking long term
  • 3 monthly actions that help ensure long term self esteem
  • Your Confidence Boosting MP3

Audrey loses four and a half stone using my straight talking Mindset and Motivation programme and now looks more radiant, more confident and more alive!

Do You Want To Drive Supreme Self Esteem?


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