Some Of The Clients Whom I Have Supported And Gave Permission To Share Their Journey
Weight Loss Requires Will Power And Motivation

Chris loses 3 stone and 7lbs by getting her Mindset and Motivation in the right place.

After battling with her weight my Mindset & Motivation programme helped Brenda lose nearly 5 stone.

Nona was a pleasure to support. Several stone ditched and the result is incredible.


Tracey lost 8 stone and completely turned her life around. I was delighted to play my part.

Christine Went On To Work With Me 1-1 And Lost 8 Stone.


Joelle’s transformation is incredible as she works with me on my Mindset and Motivation programme. Looking fabulously GLAM!

Rachel Worked With Me And Went On To Lose 10 Stone.


Brid Lost 25lbs In Weight Having Got Her Mind & Motivation In The Right Place.

Pam loses 32lbs in Weight by building a Winning Mindet


Visualisation Sees Colin Lose 8 Stone

Julie Lost 6 Stone And Is Looking Truly Fantastic.

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Robbie Lost The 20lbs She Wanted To Lose.

Joanne Lost 5 Stone and 11lbs Assisted By My Mindset And Motivational Approach.


‘Clare Lost 4 stone By Ensuring Her Motivation Was Strong’.

Karen loses 2 stone with Steve’s Motivational Hypnotherapy & Straight Talking methods


I loved supporting Tracey. She has now lost a stunning 7 stone in weight by programming her mindset to control food, and increasing her motivation threefold. She now looks a different person.

Liz Went On To Lose 4 Stone And Looks Truly Confident And Fantastic.


Barbara Went On To Lose 3 Stone In Weight By Ensuring Her Motivation Remained Strong.

Ryan Contacted Me To Tell Me That He Had Lost 4 Stone In Weight By Following My Recommendations.


Vicky Contacted Me To Let Me Know By Following My Motivational Advice Had Lost 5 Stone In Weight.

Sheena Continued To Work With Me 1-1 And Lost 2 Stone In Weight.


Working with Jennie is such a pleasure. Positive mindset and motivation installed and she is well on the way to losing all the unwanted weight

Deborah wanted to lose weight so that she could begin to wear the clothes in the wardrobe. After the 6 week Mindset & Motivation programme the goal was achieved.


Claire Loses 3.5 Stone
This amazing lady has had her challenges, but was determined to begin losing the weight and change her life. I am delighted to have played my part helping her on her way. Now 3.5 stone lighter, life is very different for Claire.

Katie Did My Online Programme And Lost 2 Stone And 6lbs.

Sarah Field before-after

Sarah Had Already Lost Some Weight But Did My Online Programme To Take Her Weight Loss Total To 6 Stone.

I was delighted to support Cherie go from Size 16 to size 12. A truly inspirational woman.


Deb loses an incredible 16 stone with the support of the Weight Loss Master Mindset & Motivation style. What an incredible result for this lady.