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One of the most popular cosmetic surgery techniques over the past few years has been gastric band surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, or the ‘lap band’ (Laparoscopic). The process involves using a silicone ring that can be inflated, and is inserted in to the top of the patient’s stomach. The rationale behind the procedure is that if you section off most of your stomach in this way, you have to drastically reduce your portion sizes and you feel much fuller from eating less, therefore taking in less calories and losing weight.

The allure of a quick fix to lose weight and regain confidence

The procedure has become popularised with celebrities such as Sharon Osborne and Fern Britton hitting the headlines with svelte figures, and admitting that they have had gastric bands fitted. The process typically leads to patients losing around half of their excess weight in a two-year period. People have seen celebrities lose weight quickly and without effort, meaning that the appeal of the surgery has increased as it becomes regarded as a simple, effective and effortless way to lose weight. But for me this is not an easy fix.

The dangers of invasive surgical weight-loss procedures

However, despite all of the hype around gastric band surgery, the truth is it can still be a highly dangerous and complex procedure. For people with a high body mass index, any form of surgery can be risky as there is no way of knowing how they will handle the anaesthetic needed to have the surgery performed. Procedures can lead to death and there are a number of potential health problems that can arise.

One of these is a process known as ‘dumping syndrome’ – not a very nice term! Dumping  syndrome is essentially the process of undigested food passing too quickly in to the intestine as a result of the lack of space in the stomach, which can lead to severe digestive problems. Additionally, hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) is another potential hazard, as patients find that they are unable to take in enough nutrients to sustain their physical health. As if this wasn’t enough to act as a deterrent, there is also a risk of malnutrition, infection, bowel and gallbladder problems. When you look at the evidence, it may be said that gastric bypass suddenly doesn’t seem to be as appealing as a quick fix to obesity.

Finally, it’s worth considering the cost of the procedure. From between £3.5k to £5k, it can be a highly expensive way of losing weight, with no guarantee that the procedure will be safe, effective, or accepted by your body.

The safe, cost effective, and proven alternative to gastric band surgery

So, that’s the bad news. Now here’s the positive. If I told you that you could undergo gastric band surgery without any risk of infection, no pain, very little expense, no anaesthesia, no recovery time, no risk and yet still experience the same benefits, what would you think? It’s true. More and more people are realising the power of ‘virtual’ bariatric surgery which has the same rapid effects on weight loss, but without the risks associated with conventional cosmetic surgery. Through hypnosis, it’s possible to undergo a process which reflects the same positive effects as if you had undergone the procedure – but without any risk at all.

How it works

Over my years practicing as a hypnosis coach, I’ve developed a safe, effective and rapid process for the ‘virtual’ gastric band, based on my experience of what works best for my clients who are looking to control how much they eat. The procedure doesn’t focus upon the details of the medical process, but instead works with you to programme your mind, so that you can feel your stomach shrinking and lose the compulsion to eat large portions. Gradually, the client becomes accustomed to eating much less, and feels satisfied much more quickly than they did previously.

It’s a well-known fact that you can re-set your ‘appetite thermostat’ quite quickly when you reduce your portion size, which in turn leads you to feel fuller with less food. This is a healthy, natural and sensible response to making positive changes to your eating habits – without the need to resort to crash dieting, yo-yo diets or fads. Instead, my five-session plan works with you and your body to make simple changes to how much you eat.

The Five-session plan for safe, and sustained weight loss

Together, we’ll schedule in just five sessions of hypnosis to achieve your virtual gastric band. These will cover the following steps:

  • Session 1: You will be taught self hypnosis and we will ensure all the practical aspects are in place to make the process work
  • Session 2: The focus of hypnotherapy is on getting your subconscious to understand that you stomach is shrinking and needs less food
  • Session 3: During session 3 the hypnotherapy will be tailored to helping you gain control over your eating habits for life-long positive change
  • Session 4: This session of your hypnotherapy focuses on planting positive beneficial suggestions that you eat less as your stomach cannot eat as much as it used to
  • Session 5: The final session will be to embed the positive suggestion that you are firmly in control of your eating habits and that your stomach’s desire is to eat less

You will also receive contact between sessions via email and text to support you as well as menu guidance if required.

What you need to bring

Anyone that tells you the hypnotic process alone will work are in my opinion misleading and uninformed. You will need to bring motivation, , determination, enthusiasm and a willingness to co-operate throughout your programme.

The five step programme can achieve the same great benefits of weight loss surgery, but without the expense, medical risks and negatives. If you’ve been considering bypass surgery to lose weight, why not consider this alternative ‘virtual’ approach, to get the body you always wanted, without the risk? You could very soon be well on the way to a slimmer, more confident and healthier body, with no surgery required.

N.B The 5 session programme may alternatively be a combination of hypnotherapy and coaching. The best method to help you lose and control your weight will be discussed at your first session.

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