The Steve Miller New Year Weight Loss Programme

If you are determined to make 2013 the year you lose weight for good then I have developed a 6 week programme that will help ensure you develop the 3 most important things to help you lose the unwanted weight but also keep it off for good:

1. Control eating habits mentally so you avoid over eating.
2. Increase your motivation to fuel the weight loss.
3. Keep the focus by ensuring nothing stands in your way.

Weight loss is of course about boosting your health but this programme is also about ensuring you achieve your goals in 2013 that you haven’t been able to do due to your weight. For example this may include an increase in self confidence, career advancement, improved relationships and feeling that you can wear the clothes that you have always wanted to put into your wardrobe.

Your Weight Loss Programme

Your programme will combine motivational coaching and also safe and relaxing hypnotherapy to support your weight loss. During the 6 weeks you will receive your own tailored program as set out below.

•    Three 1-1 sessions with myself to coach and help program your mind for weight loss
•    Each day you will receive a personalised text message or email to motivate your weight loss
•    A manual with sample menu plans and ideas for healthy and enjoyable eating that is not a restricted diet.
•    A copy of my latest book “Steve Millers Slimming Secrets”
•    Preferential rates for all Steve Miller future weight loss workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does hypnotherapy for weight loss work?

Hypnotherapy works by helping you to relax so that new habits can be formed in your subconscious mind. This will help you to control how much you eat so your calorie intake is reduced.

Is hypnotherapy safe?

Absolutely and hypnotherapy was endorsed by the British Medical Association in 1955. It is a very relaxing experience and you will be in control throughout.

As well as using hypnotherapy for weight loss what else will you do?

I will use motivational coaching ensuring no excuses stand in the way of you losing weight. I will also set up some simple tasks for you to complete between sessions to help you become focused and motivated.

What nutrition advice do you offer?

You will receive sample menu plans to help build your own plan. I do not use restricted diets as I believe they do not work. Instead you will be coached to use the 80-20 rule of eating which means you will still be able to enjoy so called “treat” food.

You are renowned as being straight talking. What will this mean?

As I support and motivate you I will not allow any excuses to creep in. This means that you will stay focused and the weight will reduce.

Are all my sessions with you personally?

Yes all your 1-1 sessions will be with me.

What qualifications do you have?

I trained with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and am a Distinction graduate. I hold the Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and I am currently completing a Masters degree in Clinical Hypnosis. In addition I hold a postgraduate qualification in Counselling as well as postgraduate qualifications in coaching and training and development.

How long have you been in practice?

I have been in practice for 15 years.

Where are the 1-1 sessions held?

Sessions are held in Solihull, West Midlands.

Do you offers sessions at weekends?


Are the sessions confidential?

All sessions will be strictly confidential.

How much does the 6 week programme cost?

The total fee for the 6 week programme is £297.00
(Prices are subject to change.)

If I am interested and want to know more what do I do?

You can book your programme by clicking on the link below or email me at

Click here for the Weight Loss page


  • Amazing post! I am glad that we are both in the same field of interest. I dream of a day when everyone would be aware of the benefits of hypnotherapy. This days, its hard to admit that people still has a dim perception of the matter.

    I remember when we conducted a Q&A survey in out town and we asked a lot of people if they have ever heard about Hypnotherapy, asked their opinion about it and most of them unfortunately responded negatively. In their idea, Hypnosis is a sort of dangerous weapon that is used by few to hurt and take advantage of somebody. We were almost depressed about discovering what our local townsmen thought about our cause. So What we did was organized a discussion that would open their view on the matter. Last October 25, we held a small in-door discussion about hypnosis/hypnotherapy at Dr. Bannister’s Clinic at london hypnotherapy. Surprisingly about a 100 people came in and listened. Hopefully we could invite more people to our next discussion by next month and we definitely would need a bigger place. That was really great.

    • Yes still many misguided perceptions out there Steve although more people do now appreciate its clinical and medical applications.

    • Hi Steve, with the British Medical Association endorsing hypnosis since 1955 the good news is that hypnotherapy has become recognised as a leading intervention to help people from all walks of life overcome debilitating conditions and achieve their goals. I really like the action taken to help hypnosis and hypnotherapy become more understood. This is an example to all professional practitioners of how taking practical action to educate the public can help. Great work.

  • Great post here Steve. Perhaps weight loss is one of the most challenging goals to achieve. But you seemed very definite and straightforward with your program. I look forward to hear reviews from your clients. Good luck!

  • Yes, weight loss is a very challenging goal for many but as I show in my TV show it is about making it practical and as simple as possible. I find hypnotherapy is the best support tool for helping people lose weight as it provides a strategy to help people eat less and eat better as well as motivate their mind for the long haul.

  • Very authentic and informative post and it really a special product on New Year. It will be so helpful for those who are suffering obese and someone who has high possibility of obese for their life style. Thanks for your informative post.

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