Visualisation Sees Colin Lose 8 Stone

It has to be one of the most inspiring weight loss stories of my career as a clinical hypnotherapist and coach. Colin is a man of intelligence, personality, and someone you’d definitely want to invite to your party. But not long ago there was a part of Colin’s life that he wasn’t happy with. That was weighing 20 stone when in fact he needed to weight around 12.

Colin (before)

Why hypnotic visualisation worked well

I introduced Colin to hypnotic visualisation on one of my workshops and as a man determined to achieve goals he decided to use it to lose weight. Hypnotic visualisation works well because strange as it may sound, the subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is not. So in other words, the pictures we paint in our mind are likely to determine what happens in reality. This is why sports people practice the art of visualisation frequently to help program their mind to win and beat the opposition.

Colin explains “I weighed just over 20 stone at my heaviest. Through use of visualisation techniques taught by Steve, I used mind programming to get away from my poor eating habits, and imagine a thinner, happier healthier me. I now weigh just over 12 stone and have gone from a 40″ to a 30” waist”.

Colin (after)

Five steps process to hypnotic visualisation

1. Find a place where it is warm, safe and comfortable. Then close your eyes.

2. Relax by mentally counting down from ten to one on every other out breath.

3. Once you have counted down from ten to one, see, hear and feel yourself at your target weight. Also pay attention to how you feel and notice any sounds around you such as people making positive comments on your new look.

4. Now let your mind go blank and imagine yourself having smaller portions, eating healthier foods, and pay attention to all the positive actions you are carrying out to ensure the weight is controlled.

5. Finally, mentally count up from one to ten and at the count of eight open your eyes and at the count of ten tell yourself you are wide awake and ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

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