Whilst weight loss hypnosis is effective in helping you to mentally control your eating habits, it is also massively successful in elevating your levels of motivation to stay on track. Hypnosis is an altered state of focused concentration, helping you to change your life using the power of your mind.


There are 6 ways in which weight loss hypnosis will help to increase your motivation so that you eat less, eat better and move more. Much will depend upon the weight loss Hypnotherapist you choose to work with, so be sure to select carefully.

So how does weight loss hypnosis help increase your motivation levels?

1. Weight loss hypnosis focuses your mind away from a life of fat. Aversion weight loss hypnosis will help to increase your desire to let go of the habits that have resulted in you gaining weight.

2. The weight loss hypnotherapist will use a range of motivational techniques to keep you on course between sessions. I recommend you ask the weight loss hypnotherapist if they use motivational techniques outside the weight loss hypnosis sessions before you start working with them. Motivation is at the heart of your weight loss.

3. Weight loss hypnosis increases your self esteem and confidence meaning you rely on food less for comfort. A good weight loss hypnotherapist will strenghthen your confidence within the weight loss hypnosis process.

4. The process of weight loss hypnosis can also include strong suggestions aligned to you becoming anti fat and pro health.

5. Weight loss hypnosis will help you to make practical changes in life, that once carried out will also increase your level of motivation to keep the weight off. Making such practical changes will heighten motivation as you experience your lifestyle change for the better.

6. Weight loss hypnosis includes processes such as creative visualisation to elevate your motivation.


Simply take time to comment below about what your biggest challenges are in losing weight and share this post on social media.

On 10th November 2016 I will be selecting winners from all those that comment.

Remember, you are too gorgeous to be fat.


  • The biggest weight loss challenge I sometimes face is when family comes to visit or when we go away for holiday and we end up eating really late at night. It is also the stress of having some family members around.

    • My difficulty is I can binge eat and then I feel guilty and depressed that I’ve done it I need something to help me overcome this I also stress rat as well as emotional eating I’m just a right mess

    • Thanks for sharing. Stay with us and take some support from my work and others. I fully understand emotional is a challenge. Let’s drive your self esteem high! Please can you share my blog on Facebook. Thanks, Steve

  • Hi,
    My biggest challenge is me!
    I throw myself 100% into everything that I do except when it comes to setting time aside for me to focus on my own goals.
    As a family we have had to endure so much upheaval and disruption that I perhaps used my mental exhaustion as an excuse to postpone my own journey.
    But my own health, my own life are mine to control and I just need to learn to focus on me….when if just for 15minutes a day xx

    • Start taking time. Kick you backside constructively and I want you to drive forward strongly. No excuses. Put yourself first! Please can you share this Blog on Facebook and encourage friends to comment. Many thanks, Steve

  • The biggest challenge I face is that fact that one part of my brain knows what I have to do to lose weight, it knows I should exercise and avoid certain foods but the other side of my brain kind of fights these thoughts and I end up making the wrong food choices and lack motivation to exercise by hearing the excuses that side of my brain dishes out. It’s as if there is a constant battle going on inside my head and I keep trying to distract myself from this battle. This constant effort as well as the knowledge I am getting unhealthiest and bigger is making me depressed and rundown and when I’m like this I think “why bother?”

  • I would be very interested to see whether weight loss hypnosis works and of course delighted if it did! I tend to eat under stress and have a very stressful job and have had a particularly difficult few years hence my weight has rocketed.

    • My difficulty is I can binge eat and then I feel guilty and depressed that I’ve done it I need something to help me overcome this I also stress rat as well as emotional eating I’m just a right mess

  • I stress eat take on board every body elses needs then stress eat all the time makes me feel bad about me was fat shamed by my dad all the time crticised if thin then same when larger id love tp see if you couldhelp

  • I think that my biggest challenge is boredom – I tend to overeat when I have nothing else to do. Portion control is also an issue for me and this is something I am working to change. my mum was adorable, but thought the way to show love for her family was by feeding us up.

  • My biggest challenge has been since working from home and medical reasons, I have suffered twice from PE’s on both lungs, so have not been able to do any exercise, and so I eat too much, I gave up smoking back in February but I strongly feel hypnosis would help me to stop being FAT

  • I find my biggest challenge is overcoming my fears around losing weight and what I need to do to achieve that goal, being organised enough to start and simply finding the time to lose weight and exercise. I worry about what if I lose all my weight and I’m still unhappy. But I never let myself find that out as I never start that journey. Or I do but give up after a week or two through self-sabotage. I need to work out how to value myself enough to maintain that journey but can never quite work out how to do that. Not managed it yet after 30-odd years so am not convinced I’ll ever be able to do this for myself. And, for that, I kick myself every day.

  • I eat when I’m happy, I eat when I’m sad, I eat when I’m stressed, I eat when I’m not stressed, in fact, I just eat! Once a work colleague commented when someone dropped a contact lens ‘be careful if Elly finds it she’ll eat it’!! I have dieted on and off for years with some success only to pile it all on again when I get complacent. I also have an under active thyroid which is responsible for everything, including world wars! I am 58 going on 88 with my aching joints (still 18 in my head tho).

  • Is there such a thing as obsessive compulsive eating? If there is I have it. i even eat things that I do not even like just to be eating something.

  • My biggest challenge is that there are so many foods I don’t like,im also diabetic so if there isn’t many carbs in them there is plenty of sugar,im need help to eat a range of different and healthy foods as I’ve tried a lot but a lot I can’t eat,I’ve said for a long time I would love to try hypnosis as everything else I’ve tried hasn’t worked and I’m considering a gastric band because hypnosis isn’t available on the nhs

  • My biggest challenge is actually myself. I know all the rules but somehow food gets in the way. Having already lost 6 stone, I’m finding the final two stone a bigger challenge than the first six.

  • My biggest challenge when it comes to weight loss is will power and stress. My spouse and myself are normally each other’s support but what has happened as of late is that we are giving in to each other’s desires. Our fat gain has now gotten out of control and we both weigh the most then either of us has before. The sad part is that one of our weights is almost as equal to what both of us weighed in the past. Thirty six years of marriage or I really should say that thirty eight years together we have always been able to support each other and help each other make the right choicest and now we need to get back to that.

  • I would love to try this as in the past I have lost the weight then manage to regain it. The bad habits just come back and I’m back to square one

  • My biggest challenge is saying NO,when offered food that I limit myself when on my weight loss journey…chocolate when I’m stressed do, and weekends,sat night is my worse after walking up to 12-14 miles due to my job,I’m so tired,hungry and can’t wait to cook my dinner…I so try hard,but obviously not hard enough,need help big time,as going wrong way now,instead of down going up

  • Hi Steve,

    Like others here, I know what foods I should and should not eat, that I should exercise more. I believe I need to set my mind right, gain self confidence and control and know I can do it, I will succeed and I’m too beautiful to be fat!!

    • Hi Karen – You are spot on. The vast majority of people know what to eat. Weight loss is a mind state. Please can you share this blog on Facebook. Many thanks, Steve

  • Superb sharing and messages.

    Let’s keep moving forward together and yell ‘FAT OFF’.

    Can I ask you to share this Blog on Facebook. Many thanks, Steve

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