You may be finding that losing weight is proving difficult, not because you don’t know what to eat but because you can’t seem to get your mind in the right place. It’s as though you know what to eat but you just can’t seem to do what you know you should do.

More often than not this is because the old habits of eating too much and eating the wrong foods are so engrained that you may feel as though you are addicted to certain foods. You probably find it becomes frustrating as the thought, smell or sight of something high in calorific content is just too difficult to resist.

Use Weight Loss Hypnosis To Control What Your Eat

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you take back the control. That being the control that helps you say ‘no’ much more to high calorific food and motivates you to walk away so that temptation doesn’t get the better of you. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for weight loss will also help you to control your portions so that you eat less. It does this by reprogramming your subconscious mind so that new habits can be formed, those being new habits that trigger a desire to eat less, eat better and move a lot more.

Here are the 5 powerful ways in which weight loss hypnosis will help you:-

1. It dissociates the bad eating habits. The weight loss hypnotherapist will work with the part of your mind that is responsible for eating high calorific foods. Weight loss hypnosis helps to let go of the part of you that is responsible for eating the wrong foods and replaces it with something much more appropriate. It’s as though you are releasing an old behaviour and replacing it with a new one. In other words, out with the old and in with the new.

2. Hypnosis for weight loss will motivate your mind to resist high calorific foods. A good weight loss hypnotherapist will motivate your desire to take back the control over food. Motivation is at the heart of sustained weight loss and weight loss hypnosis can help ensure this happens. It is important you select a competent weight loss hypnotherapist so ensure that you ask for a free consultation before you commit.

3. Your mind will begin to embed an automatic control over food at the subconscious level so that your conscious mind makes healthier choices and becomes stronger to resist high calorific options. This is one of the big advantages of weight loss hypnosis. A weight loss hypnotherapist will embed a conditioned response into your subconscious mind so that when you come into contact with high calorific food, you automatically notice that you have the control to dismiss it.

4. Weight loss hypnosis is exceptionally good for helping you to manage emotional eating. All too often high levels of stress or high levels of happiness can encourage us to reach for high calorific foods. Weight loss hypnosis will help you to regain control so that you don’t automatically eat away on junk food in times of highs and lows. In addition weight loss hypnosis will increase your levels of self esteem as the weight loss hypnotherapist delivers what is known as ‘ego strengthening’. The better you feel about yourself and the stronger your self belief, the less you will rely on food for comfort.

5. Portion control is often a struggle for many people. Weight loss hypnosis helps you to manage portions by embedding the commands into your unconscious mind that you will eat less. A weight loss hypnotherapist will use a variety of hypnotic protocols to do this. For example I use a strong motivational direct suggestive approach along with visualisation. The real benefit here is that weight loss hypnosis can be so incredibly motivational that you will want to automatically eat less as well as eating better because your aspiration to lose weight is heightened.

How To Find The Best Weight Loss Hypnotherapists


A good source is to look at the directory of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists. This can be found at the
Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists

When looking for a weight loss hypnotherapist be sure to check out their training and make sure they are fully insured. In addition ask them to discuss in detail their programme and how they will help you to achieve your goal. Strong rapport is essential when working with a weight loss hypnotherapist so make sure you have a chat with them before you part with your cash.

Weight  Loss Hypnotherapists will all have a differing style so I would recommend you speak with three different weight loss Hypnotherapists before making a final decision. You want to feel you can work with them as a team so of course as mentioned, rapport is critical. Another point is not to work with a weight loss hypnotherapist who is cheap. Remember those Hypnotherapists who are top of their game will usually be higher in price because of their talent.

Weight loss hypnosis is becoming one of the most effective tools in helping people to get their mind in the right place so that they do what they know they should do, that being eating less, eating better and moving more. Perhaps now is the time to make enquiries and work with the best.

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